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Hana No Iro (“Colors Of Flowers”) [English, 226 pictures], by Suehirogari

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Adorable lesbian time. I'd recommend reading it to anyone :)

Here is a pleasant complete manga by Suehirogari, based on lesbian love :)
We’re shown highschool girls enjoying each other’s bodies and living their school life, all of this with a “slice of life” atmosphere, there are no huge dramas : on the contrary, mutual understanding and mutual love only grows as couples form and improve themselves.

Also, there’s the unique feeling brought by Suehirogari into his mangas. This time, there is no nudism, no exhibitionism, and I highly enjoyed the absense of this occasional “the world is fucked up and yet it’s still enjoyable” undescribably negative mood I’m getting from most of the artist’s other publications. This time, the feelings are pure even as they’re having sex… let’s call it the magic of yuri hentai ^_^

Thanks a LOT to LD, Panzuriel, Sine Mine, Nikon, Pinsel and U-Fan, from (now late) Soba-Scans !
(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Suehirogari’s works)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(63 MB, 226 pictures, English)

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Hmm…reading the post, recalling past posts about yuri hentai, formulating hypothesis:


Dick ruins the hentai world. Everything is nice, fluffy, and opiotic until dick descends upon the scene; then you get, “the world is fucked up and yet it’s still enjoyable.”

Hmm…interesting hypothesis, if someone was to write up a halfway-decent proposal I'm betting some thinktanks would toss over some grant money to test it. Thanks Oliver, I now have a get-rich quick scheme waiting in the wings.

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

I don't see how you could make money off this :D

(but by all means, if I'm wrong, please do ^^;;)


People pay for coffee that comes out of a cat's ass. It's all about the marketing (con-job).

You never know, people might want to know how dick destroys nations.

In the last US presidential admin there was Dick destroying nations, despite claiming to be "building" them.


YAy this looks delicious as hell :D

Thanks for the amazing share Oliver-san :)


wasn't this released, like over two years ago? Was there any changes?

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

The number of pages. Now it's complete :)


? The copy I have that's stamped 3/26/2012 has 225 pages. Looks identical to the above…