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Wakachiai (“Shared Love”) [English], by Itou Eight

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Totally easy to fap to the girls, totally easy to go FUCK THAT SHIT to the story. Argh.

What… the… fuck… This story is an odd cocktail of cuckhold, cockblock, netori and netorare, with a typically Japanese strongly mindfuck-flavoured sauce poured all over it.
It’s involving two female twins (supposedly : the slut and the responsible person), a scum-of-the-earth kind of hunk, and a “please destroy my life – oh wait maybe I’ll do it myself” kind of husband.

There are plot twists, lots of sex, and in the end, it’s just… well… ah, fuck it, see for yourselves. If I haven’t managed to make you run away already, there’s a chance you might love reading this.
Would anyone know who’s behind this release ? Thanks are an order, even if I didn’t dig it…

For MUCH more, please see The list of Itou Eight’s works on HentaiRules!

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Whoa… that’s messed up O_o


i'm really sad about this, i think Itou Eight (if they are the ones that "made" this manga anyways) has wonderful art but the thought of NTR makes me sick, if they made at least one vanilla manga i would be happy but with this it's no go with me

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

The artwork is very tempting… the qestion is, the eyes, or the heart.

Billy Mays
Billy Mays

That guy looks like a nigger version of Vaas from FarCry 3.

The story was awful, but the art was decent.



You and your racist bullshit can go FUCK itself, shitstain.

I come here to read and comment on hentai and erotica, not to have to suffer through your inbred shortcomings. And since this wasn't addressed by the admins after I reported it two days ago, this is my freedom of speech to put it on blast.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yes, this is your freedom of speech, but me hesitating to delete shitty comments while not being able to contact a comment reporter, that is also my freedom.
Here, in the "nigger" case, while this is extremely racist, this has also become very widely used as slang amongst braindead americans, even white ones, and this is seen as something positive.

I'm not inside the poster's brain, I'm not even fucking natively Americanese braindead material, so how may I judge ? Answer is, I can't.

So, I left it like that, trusting the internetizens to be able to use their brain and – it's the internet, for fuck's sake – simply ignore another potential example of mankind's unbounded stupidity.


I enjoy your site, Oliver. Have for a very long time. And while I don't believe you should necessarily cater to my whims since I'm technically the only one complaining, to excuse racism as a possible "positive" due to semantic colloquial appropriation is kind of a lazy way to deal with correctable bullshit.

I'm not expecting things to be 24-7 politically correct. Hey, look at what we're reading here! But as a black person, to see this word used SOLEY to describe the looks of a character in a derogatory fashion, and tossed out there so cavalierly, IS demeaning, IS offensive, IS an insult. There's NO "positivity" in this. None whatsoever. I personally don't have the white privilege in my life to just ignore those sort of things. And I wish to question the need for a report function if this is how it's gonna be.

Because, though it might not be a chronic issue, it might not pop up again for a long long time and it might only happen in some obscure upload that garners a minimal amount of comments like this one, the fact that it happened right here and now permits its use and compromises the civility and respect that we as solicitors of your site should be giving ourselves in the comments. And how further can we go now? Am I allowed to glibly and freely insult other races in some would-be nuance of slang terms?

You can't even contact this stain, but you're willing to let him leave his shitty legacy behind in your house for all to see whenever people come across this upload? You, as housemaster, deserve better respect from us in your house.

So…if this is really acceptable comment forum etiquette to you, then I'll accept it, move on and just enjoy the offerings, same as before. It's not the end of the world, I know. But all I ask is to be permitted the same verbal berth to come back in likewise fashion at those shitstains who use it when I see it happening again. And it will happen again if you allow it, trust that. That particular word never, ever comes from an accidental vacuum.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah, I feel your point, but I don't feel entitled enough to act in such cases.

I would have acted differently if there had been no doubt that was deliberately and uniquely racist.

While, here, we are faced with open options :
– it may be racist,
– but it may be also humoristic (err, may I use that word in English ?)
– or it may be straight-forwardly appreciative, as a sign of approval

Once again, nobody but OP could tell how it was, and the context doesn't allow to decide it was written with a racist POV in mind.

So what ?

So : the problem here lies in the eyes of the reader, that is to say : you. Because you're confronted to racism and you're hurt by this, you're much more sensible to this, it hurts you much more. You have my sympathy but sympathy isn't what you need, you would probably need not to be hurt, I guess, isn't it ?
Still, please, try to accept that it might also nurture a bias in your eyes, you may also – "may" – be seeing insult when there is none.

Of course, you're free to react to comments with the nigger word in your own tone, and tell you're hurt, tell you feel this is racist, and even attack OP.
(Try to avoid being uselessly rude, best insults are voiced in a gentlemanly-sounding manner)

What else could I do ? Please, I don't want to have to need a Police Of Thought on hentairules. Better tolerate a little bit of abuse than repress every little hint of it.



Despite my personal misgivings, I'm actually pleased with this conversation that allows everyone to see the power and meaning of the words we choose, especially those that describe others. And also shows that there is responsibility for the words you choose to use.

If it makes people stop and think about what they're permanently expressing from themselves before hitting send, then it's done its job. If it also makes some people not give a fuck and just revel in their privilege and ego to say whatever, then it too has done its job to expose shittery to light.

Hopefully they'll choose the former. And then we can ALL enjoy this wonderful, delicious, illustrated sex comix fun without the screeching tire braking.

We are Groot.


Oliver, i think you're confusing the word "Nigger" with "Nigga"

"Nigga" is the slang term used for endearment. "Nigger", no matter who says will always be the negative, insulting one.


Story is way beyond my brain's capabilities… so 8/10 for art and 1/10 for plot.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I'm occasnially asked if it really isn't impossible to vote 0.5 stars on a share, this morning somebody asked me again with that post in mind ^^


Ehh another NTR!?!?

Itou Eight should change his name to NTR Eight XD

THanks for the share as always Oliver-san!