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Hide And Peek [English], by Tomohiro Kai

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Oh god, that body. That face. THAT BUTTCRACK ! HGNI !!

– Quick updates, (a) sorry but I screwed up, the title is Hide and Peek, not Seek. Also, (b) CellTF told me Amaimono had brought an update to 3 pages in the volume. I updated accordingly the Zips and Gallery, and you can grab them 3 here.

I was had at the first page, tan lines, tanned skin, a red nanobikini. Oooooh yeah.
The rest is also very good, it’s, basically, about a young man and woman who just met, felt friendly to each other, and became horny from watching two strangers have sex. Tomohiro Kai’s drawing style shines, the girl is adorable, her flowing hair, her trusting face, her horny hips, her butt crack, HNG!!!

I’ll let you enjoy it, friends, and thanks a LOT, a whole lot, to Team.Comic One, CellTF and Amaimono ! I’m grateful :)

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(27 MB, 19 pictures, English)

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That last page might invoke so-called "murderous intent" from Protagonist-kun's friends if they figure out why he was late last night. ;)


"I was had at the first page"

You and me both which is why I was happy when amaimono agreed to work on this for me. I love Tomohiro Kai's art, but this is maybe my favorite girl he's drawn so far.


I loved it!!! The art work was fantastic and the boobs were hard on great!! The colored pages were the best:p


The title's name is Hide and Peek and not Hide and Seek btw


oh my, hope this guy get some tanks soon

great artwork


Been awhile since i last read from this artist :D

Thanks again as always Oliver-san!!!!