Various stuff. Let’s say : three short notes :D

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments
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Hello everyone :)
Just three short notes, on various topics…
Fair warning, there’s no porn if you read the rest of the post :D

– Yesterday’s share, Fukushuu No Uta. Sure, that was outside of my comfort zone.
But I still deemed worth sharing, maybe MUCH MORE than your average run-of-the-mill vanilla release, because, in my eyes, the story was making it worth it. Really. It digs deep into humanity’s worst and most blessed characteristics, revenge, the point of living, the power of forgiving, solidarity, competition. And the ending is material for thought.
Deal with it, on the occasion (cough), I’ll share shocking stuff when the story makes it interesting, or when it presents a strong aesthetic value in my eyes ^^

– THANKS A LOT for the offers to help with fixing links, after my call for help, yesterday ! Ten persons answered positively (so far ? ^^), I’ll contact you guys tomorrow by email. I’m grateful, seriously grateful :)

– Lastly, may I reasonably hope everyone here knows of Berserk, the manga, that also got an anime adaptation ? If you don’t, it’s never too late :3
Kentaro Miura, its mangaka, doesn’t deliver fast, but last week we had an update, with Rickert, at long last, having a life’s climax, meeting with Griffith,  doing what needed to be done, and gloriously riding a dragon into the glowing sunset. Well, almost.

Here is a musical recommendation to match this latest chapter – or practically any Berserk chapter, to be frank – : The Band Of The Hawk, a Berserk-based song, by the metal group called Battle Beast ! That song was beautifully, achingly, sweetly reminding me of the best time for the band of the Hawks. The real one, not Griffith’s parody of a new Band…
Try to reach this song’s 3rd minute just before the middle of the newest chapter of Berserk…

Well, here, have a go, the song rocks, and this metal group kicks ass ! They have excellent titles such as Cyberspace, Neuromancer, Justice, Let It Roar, and plenty others :3

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9 years ago

Thanks for the recommendation music!!

My brother just catched up with Berserk after this Summer.

I want to join the ride too!! Still i really hope they make another Anime TV series with uncensored and more faithful to the manga(just like the original TV series) and not the abomination that is the Golden Age CGI films >____>

Oliver AKA The Admin
9 years ago
Reply to  PrinceHeir

Seriously ? You haven't read it yet ? OH GOD YES, ENJOY !! ^____^

However, you may want to read the manga first…

How to tell… Until volume 10, the art was bad and the anime better.
After volume 10, it's gradual but undeniable, the art is starting to look real good, and it only gets better after every new volume.

Plus, the anime ends too early, the manga goes on, and on…

9 years ago

I watched the Anime with my brother and it was amazing :)

I know they skipped alot of details, but i wouldn't mind if they made more of episodes with the same art and all.

Yeah, even though the manga has yet to end, i'm kinda glad since i have many opportunities to catch up XD

9 years ago

I´ve been reading Berserk for years and even though there was a long period of waitm i´ve been enjoying the latest chapters as well. I really hope i can see this manga to the end, and it will not end short like some others…(looking at you, D.Gray man)

9 years ago
Reply to  Heartless

Speaking of manga ending, Naruto ends in like a month. Every other fight has been 30 chapters long and the final one will be like 4. Lelellelleelelel

Also, Oliver, that javascript removal thing still seems to be happening. You gotta add something back in this post that my edit removed for no reason. <_>

9 years ago

I'm so glad about Naruto ending. Had small hope that Uber Chakra Goddes would, finally, finish them all off and create lasting peace for humanity. The only way to make sure, that is. *sigh*

Berserk is a wonderful anime, and manga isn't that bad. Although initially more harsh than anime.
For the sake of hilarity I also recommend watching Berserk Abridged. Though humor in it tends to steer towards the retarded. But it contained very hilarious ending.

Also if we are in the manga and anime department. Another one I would love to reccomend, if only for hilarity, is Bastard. It even have hentai versions, drawn by the very same author. The expressions of the Main Asshole … I mean Character. xD

9 years ago

About band recomendation.
Band name seems to be Battle Beast, if i’ve found the correct one, so update your post.
Also to preview unfamiliar bands i often use grooveshark. Check it out, maybe you’ll find it usefull.!/profile/BATTLE+BEAST/23519674