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Ride And Leap, a sequel to Hide And Peek [English], by Tomohiro Kai

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HNG ! That face ! That blond hair ! Those boobs ! HNG !

Okay, a very quick update, do you remember Hide And Peek ? In the beginning, two lovebirds hide from the sight of another couple already engaged in making out.
Well, here comes Ride And Leap, a sequel, showing the sex scene of the first couple, from whom the two others had to hide.
There’s no particular scenario to mention, it’s simply a hot blonde in bikini wanting sex and obtaining sex, enjoy, and thanks to CellTF and Amaimono ! ^_^

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Here comes the zip link ! Help yourselves ! ^^
(9 MB, 7 pictures, English)

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Too Short – but nice enough. "Hide and Peek" was superior in comparison

Oliver AKA The Admin

Does your girlfriend say the same ?

Ho ho ho



Better put this up … before someone else does (even if it may apply to myself in this instance):



WOW!!! You guys play ruff:o But I have to agree that Hide and Peek was better. I would have loved to have seen that one all in color. And I especially love when its a safe day:p I think the bugs even liked it:(


Gotta go with the others here, Hide and Peek was better. The brunette was hotter, though I can't say in what way. Strange…
Maybe there was more of a lead-up, instead of going straight to the sex?

Oliver AKA The Admin

I'd say it's just that we got more pages with the brunette. We got to enjoy her even before sex, her cheerful nature, her butt crack with a swimsuit poking out of it to promises future rapture… stuff like that, you know ^^


Short and Sweet :)

Thanks Oliver-san!