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Yumemigokochi [English], by Sawano Akira

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No, seriously, I understand the sister was melting. Huhu.

It sure is censored as hell, but, damn, that one was funny :D Technically, this is a sister X brother wincest story. But nothing happens as of usual, the sister is a huge pervert, she’s making funny faces all the time, her brother has his own non-sexual perversion (cf above lol ^^)… And even the ending was cool, huhu :D
Ah, please, just for the fun, make sure to read it ! ^_^
Thanks a LOT to Taco1942 and Ceuren, from LifeForKaoru ! ^^

By the same artist, I also share Ani Omou Yue Ni Imouto Ari Genteiban (210 pictures) and Ani + Imouto = Love (210 pictures too).

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Here comes the zip link! Help yourselves! ^^
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Billy Mays
Billy Mays

She German Suplexed him like a bitch.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Before she made him her bitch. That girl is precious.


Now that's a good little sister!!!


That´s what I call nice and dangerous sleeping habit. Looks like lil sis got more than she was expecting :D . I wonder if he done the same thing to that pillow :P .

Anyway I can imagine few more chapters with them and her ending up pregnant. Well. You´ve got some good sex and not know about it is kind of sad … maybe that is why it so wild sex :D :P



Thanks Oliver-san!!

Stalker Fairy
Stalker Fairy

Honestly speaking, I think her reactions and expression are more fun >_>:


comment image

'Nuff Said. B)


Whats the source of this pic?