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Tatoeba Haha Ga Kuro (also called “Black Extra”) [English, 175 pictures], by TsuyaTsuya

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Be ready for a volume full of MILFs.

Tatoeba Haha Ga Kuro is a collection of short stories, mostly related to the characters of the Tatoeba series, and including some original stuff as well, and even (my favorite part) a cross-over with Mitsuko-san.
This is happy sex without complications or drama… Except for the final chapter, starting page 128, that features good sex but bears a “BURN THE WITCH” feeling (veteran readers of TsuyaTsuya won’t be surprised), about a mother stopping caring about her toddler son because she loves a man’s dick, sigh.

Graphically ? Milf, milf and more milf. Can’t say I hate it, especially when it’s not whiteout censorship but thin black bars (we got a mix, here). See for yourselves, and thanks a lot to Fated Circle and Nemui ! ^_^

(MOAR! For MORE works by this artist, Cf The List of My TsuyaTsuya Shares)

And before I forget, yeah, there is one chapter in this volume that was already shared in my Tatoeaba pack, Tatoeba EX.

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Thank You very much for your work !! I really LOVE you !!

I just want to know if one day you'll share other works from Tsuyatsuya like :

– Azumi-kun to Issho (Together with Azumi-kun)
– Maid Mitsuko no Daibouken
– In no Umareru Heya (my Sister is my Wife) an illustration book in color
– Tatoeba Haha Ga After
– Tatoeba Haha Ga Natsuyasumi

One more time, thank you for EVERYTHING !!


Maid Mitsuko no Daibouken appears in this volume. Tatoeba Haha Ga After, Tatoeba Haha ga dj & Tatoeba Haha Ga Natsuyasumi also appear in the companion volume to this tankobon, Tatoeba Haha Ga Extra Aka. I'm hoping that Fated Circle will do that volume also it has a few other Miharu stories that have not been translated yet.

BTW, the last two chapters of Kuro is the prequel to the entire series, Tatoeba Haha Ga Zero.


Indeed, it shows how Masaki's mother first met the villian of Tatoeba Haha Ga.


Tatoeba Haha Ga Extra Aka (Red) has the following chapters in it.

1. Otonari-san kara Delivery
2. Tatoeba Haha ga Mitsugetsu
3. Tatoeba Haha ga 28+
4. Tatoeba Haha ga 49+
5. Tatoeba Haha ga After
6. Masuo-san no Oshigoto
7. Mizu Asobi
8. Tatoeba Kotomi ga

Oliver AKA The Admin

Glad you liked it so far ^^

In short, if it's translated, I'll share it when it's released :)


I'm really, really sorry ( I mean it ), but I forgot one title :

– Tatoeba Haha ga dj – Woman in Glasses and a Public Toilet


please search a version of tatoeba haha without censorship

Oliver AKA The Admin

That's not going to work.


It would be great if the compilation/bundle of Tatoeba Haha Ga title series is posted. And compressed version also plz

Oliver AKA The Admin

No time for this, sorry (hentairules is not my job, I can't spend all day on it, it's terrifying that I must even do that precision :D).

But the previous links and repacks are working, so you should be able to get it with great ease nonetheless :)


The last chapter sure can make you start thinking…lol


would like see all manga of TsuyaTsuya move to the new pics gallery..easy with slidshow..most of them is still in old pics gallary or doesnt exit in server.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Well, sorry Gamon, but at those old times I didn't have enough server resources, or technical knowledge, to self-host my own galleries. I always go for the least complicated, less time-wasting solution, and at that time, for many years, this system was the very best there was for me.

And even now I don't have time to transition all galleries to the new system. Plus, that would mean some new server burden, while I'm discovering this script isn't well-suited when galleries contain more than 100k pics (if you noticed, I switched from hentairules/galleries to /galleries2, duplicating the images CMS, and I'll soon have to have a /galleries3. Hopefully, the developers of this CMS know it's an issue and work on this.)


That last story… Forgetting about your child? That is messed up. Talk about mood whiplash when the previous stories where pretty positive…

Oliver AKA The Admin

That's Tsuyatsuya for you, it seems that for him a woman can only emancipate herself from the burden of society and acquire her freedom by either (a) abandoning her young child or (b) having sex with her grown-up child.

Mild trolling only, there's truth in what I wrote :(


Tsuyatsuya. One of the principal posts of true erotic manga, not just mere throwaway smut. And he loves him some voluptuous, curvy, heavy titty-swangin' ladies. Good schtuff.


Love me some Tsuytsuya work!

Thanks again as always Oliver-san!!


I do hope someone translates the Extra Red soon. TsuyaTsuya’s stuff gets translated super slowly.