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Osakana Monban-san (“The Fish Gatekeeper”) [English], by Nekomateru

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Does she need to take a break for breathing or can she continue deepthroating for several minutes while breathing from hidden gills ?d

An elite warrior of the « half-fish » people is in heat (before you run away screaming, she’s adopted the human mating method, she’s not going to puff out a pack of eggs on an underwater rock), a male human comes to fight her, and, bam!, happy sex with good drawings :roll: :lol:
… I must mention how term « half » is misleading, the girl has some fins around her ears and small scales around her ankles :D
Another note, I did some small retouching : before / after.

That was fun, erotic, so, enjoy, I guess ! ^^
CellTF, N04h, Psyburn21, Wavedash, Almond and Carnage are behind this release, thank you ! :)

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This has been out for a while. I actually thought you had already shared this.


You're probably thinking of CGRascal's version which didn't have a very good translation. I didn't like it, so I commissioned a new translation and edit.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah ? I entirely missed there was another version of this one made earlier, anyway ^^;;


That is funny. This is somehow reverse rape. Hmm, and good idea. Set a group of nymphos and enemy soldiers wouldń t be able to use their legs :D


Before I read it, I thought the girl would fuck the guy until he was a dried husk, with him dying from exhaustion (what a way to go!), or him running away screaming when she wants more. This was still fun though.


I loved those huge boobs!!! But I don't know about this one guys. Something seemed kind of fishy about it :D


Another new artist for me!

Thanks a bunch Oliver-san!