Botsuraku Reijou No Seiteki Maid Gyoumu [English], by Kazuhiro

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Eggs. For Pete's sake. There were EGGS ? HOW CAN YOU NOT REALIZE YET ???

What. The. Holy. Fuck.
Look, if you don’t like mindbreak, skip that share.
Same thing if you hate the idea of sadistic horny men taking advantage of women forced to obey them.
Or, hell, also skip that share if you love eating EGGS, for fuck’s sake !

… You know what, I believe my warnings were enough, if I haven’t gotten you to run away from this share, that’s something you may enjoy reading. If so, I’m glad for you. And credits, they’re for Biribiri, Afro Thunda and Zebon20, thank you, all that stuff.

By the same artist, to this day, under the names “Tiramisu Tart” and Kazuhiro, I also share Mesuiki ~ Hame Trip (198 pictures), Aijou No Injoku Elf (239 pictures), Zenana Biyaku Choukyou Nikubenki Collection (200 pictures), Inma Kyuusei volume 2 ~ Shota Kui Succubus Oneesan, Kazoku Ryokou Wa Yarimoku Beach De Sex Zanmai ~ Onee-chan Hen, Error (in which for the first time I was YAY ! GO RAPISTS ! – it’s a weird idea I know), Anal Choukyou No Hibi, Yariman Ni Koise Shi Okasare Doutei (“Virgin In Love Violated By A Slut”), Sukebena Musume No otoshi-kata Dosukebena Obasan Ga Shikonde Ageru, Kanojo No Ane Wa Gal De Bitch De Yariman De, Do You Like Horny Older Sisters, Dakyou Sakuya, Lewd Wolf Awakening and NTR Game.

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9 years ago

Dear lord, no.

9 years ago

Happy stuff as always by Kazuhiro… thanks but I pass.

9 years ago

Mindfuck work?

Don't mind if i do!

Thanks again Oliver-san!!