Nana No Ana (“Nana’s Holes”) [English], by Hashihiro Kou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments
Tags: Anal, comedy

Anal-loving stepsisters. Why does that only exist in the hentai universe ? T__T

« If he ever finds out I like anal, Onii-chan will hate me »
Shall we categorize it as science-fiction hentai ?

Oh well. Past a comedy introduction, the rest is happy anal stepwincest time, without complications. The sister looked good, with her determination and her her cute haircut (it was called “bao bao” in Ragnarok Online, no idea if that’s how having two small buns on each side of the head is really called) ^^
My thanks, for this release, are for Batman, Ace The Bat-Hound and Robin, from Batman Scans ! :)

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Isn't that just like a woman? First she wants it in the ass then she wants it in the pussy!!! How about the mouth baby? We can't forget the mouth!!!:p

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Good one!


Too bad this seems to be a one-shot. It would have made for an interesting story for a few chapters.

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Agreed! =/


Imouto hot :D

Thanks Oliver-san!