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Aromatic Athletic [English], by Dr.P

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A good story, a bit of humour, and... abominable whiteout censorship. AH FECK THAT SHIET CALLED JAPANESE HYPOCRISY.

Our male hero is fed up with being called frail and skinny, so he starts exercizing every morning with the obvious solution to look buff instead of frail : pushups, squats, and lifting weights long jogging strides. Of course, there’s a secret reason, he meets a cute girl, he’s in love with her, her spats and her training smell. And, eventually, a chance shows up and, bam! sex, with the girl being in charge :)
To cut it short, that was cute, well-drawn, whitehole censored to brutal death, and a bit funny !

Thanks a lot to Crystalium and Shinko for this release ! ^_^

By Dr.P, I also share the uncensored versions of Bokunchi No Mikage-san (184 pictures), Ren Ai Stampede (189 pictures), Shinryaku Teki Renai Shugi (201 pictures) and of Whenever You Touch Me (201 pictures), and Drunk Teacher (also uncensored). Just in case, let’s not confuse Dr.P with DP !

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DAT Censorship makes my imagination work overtime to fill in the "naughty bits" – wink-wink, nudge-nudge, etc. But it still makes for a great tale by the good Doctor.


These kind of stories are the best!!! I loved the ending!!!:p


Wow, a good crop of stories these days, Oliver. I'm probably saying it too much, but I really like the faces Dr. P draws. Those "come hither" looks, wow.
Same goes for Distance, both the sultry looks and the shy looks (like in your other share).