Cado volume 2 [English], by Niwacho (Also Known As Trap Spider)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Does that qualify as "mindfuck" ?
I didn’t choose that image at random… lol ^^;;

In the previous volume, Sakura masturbated on the desk of the male hero in the Fate/Stay Night series (I imagine he must have a name… El Fecondator, maybe ? Or He-Stallion ?) and, caught in the act, she continued with having sex with him.
The present share resumes a short while later, at home, Sakura visits El Fecondator (I like that name) in his room, and, rince and repeat, same deal, this time with anal sex when they’re done with vaginal sex :twisted:

Just like before, the drawing traits aren’t good, but they’re fresh, pleasant, spontaneous. I hope you may like them, thanks a lot to Wehasband and Izur ! :)

The hentai artist Niwacho also uses the Trip Spider pen name, and he/she has also printed works with Takenoko Seijin under the Takesatorispa name. By this artist, I also share Naisho No Omamagoto + Sakura Rains and Rose Hip.

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9 years ago

Alright, everyone! Put a petition together to get Nasu to change Shiro's name to El Fecondator. Let's make it official!

Oliver AKA The Admin
9 years ago
Reply to  Anon