Wagamama No Tarechichi [English, 236 pictures], has been Reedited to TANK scans !

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
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I'm amazed kind people have the courage to do this, reedits of that magnitude ! O_o

A kind person called CustomX has released a reedit of Wagamama Na Tarechichi, in which he (well, unless it’s a she) reedited EVERYTHING into the tank scans.
That means :
– a much superior image quality (not blurry anymore, better surface shades, no more seeing through the paper what the images on the other side of the sheet were looking like, and everything now looks more detailed, and more sharp)
– even less censorship ! \o/

Compare these two images : Before … and … After !
(Be a sweetie and zoom the images to 100% before comparing, okay ? ;) )

For the download links, please,

Thank you very much, CustomX ! :)

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9 years ago

Very unexpected, but very nice to see. Thanks for the effort CustomX!