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Dousoukai (“Alumni Association”) [English], by Aoi Hitori

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I almost wanted to write there was a happy ending to this story... In away... well...

The tomboy became a babe. A married babe. Who, after a “get together and remember the old times” drinking party, is gladly banged, as a final goodbye, by her four former male buddies.
Yeah, yeah, I could speak about morality, but I’m standing on shaky grounds here, so I’ll just STFU and let you enjoy the show, the drawings are very good, we see her fictional teen self and her “actual” adult self having good sex, she’s really enjoying it, her body and face are a sight to behold :)

–Update: good news, this post has become obsolete!
It now belongs in Hitozuma O Mawasu 8-Tsu No Houhou (a 180 pages long tankoubon.)

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Sekai Rim
Sekai Rim

Aoi Hitori never disappoint. thanks oliver!


why isn't anyone translate other aoi hitori's works?


I like Aoi Hitori's drawings but scenario… always netorare and cheating, cheating or netorare, i'm sick and tired. So thanks but I pass. :)

Billy Mays
Billy Mays

Aye, another waste of talent.


requesting doujinshi : RJ091618

these doujin have been out for a long time , can only find fake download links, many want these cg uploaded, so they could be translated

General Hentai
General Hentai

It's a man's duty to see that his woman is satisfied sexually. So I've no problem with manga having a woman finally getting satisfied my someone or several someones, other than her husband if he isn't doing what he needs to do. That's not the case here.

Newlywed woman gets drunk and ends up having gang bang sex all seemingly because these were her friends and its not fair that their other friend, her husband, is the only one of the guys to have had sex with her. Yuck. Especially since she's obviously in love with her hubby and missing him. The good is there's seemingly no NTR or mindbreak and that she didn't initiate it, instead not resisting much before going with the flow after a sleazebag takes advantage of her and starts raping her while she's passed out drunk. It's this kind of mentality that's the resulted in Japanese men being ranked as the worst lovers in the world and why there's negative population growth.


Are they really that bad? I wanna laugh, but I also want to see the source for your info. Also…how is Oliver on shaky ground? Then again that's none of my fucking business.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Precisely, I'm feeling shaky about it. There's good, there's bad.

But also, maybe because I'm already a married man and I know marriage from the inside, as well as a good number of other married couples that have been married for enough years, I can tell that many (most ?) of the irate reactions about adultery come from people who haven't been married yet and are idealizing it.

How should I say it… A real married person's status is much less manichean than most irate commenters seem to believe.

I can at least name two persons (one man, one woman) who are sometimes having sex outside of marriage, and yet none of them are scumbags, they're good humans, good parents to their kids, but they need the occasional fresh air.
When the person's got this reasoning, that a secret that is well kept only brings bonuses without causing any minus, I realize the counter-arguments are subjective, not objective. (And subjective VS objective is a MAJOR difference.)

I can feel the call for escapism from routine, the desire to feel strongly desired, the burning thrill of suddenly letting myself go, that feeling you only have in the first moments of a relation, the first times you're having sex with someone else. I'm not giving in to temptation, but I'm honest enough to reckon I'm feeling it.

I could list a great variety of reasons to make adultery acceptable or okay under some cirumstances that others would have no right to use to condemn me or anybody else.

So… you see the idea ? I'm much less comfortable than most (I'll assume the majority of the visitors here haven't reached yet my status in life) with blaming someone for the practice of adultery.

Even for things like the notion of being forced… In real life, It's not uncommon for one to place he/she in a position of weakness that will be exploited by the right person(s) at the right time. Here, I wouldn't blame the boys, as they would have never done it if the woman didn't place herself in the perfect position, something she quite probably did consciously, only very partly hypocritically pretending to herself she wasn't doing..


This one’s a bit of a mess, though. To me what she did came off more as her dealing with some inner issue over her past ‘unattractive’ status. You talk a lot about secrets that don’t hurt anyone, but in real life most things don’t stay secret forever. As Benjamin Franklin put it ‘Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead.’ To me the story’s kind of sad. The woman betrays her husband in a meaningless effort to escape her past that will almost certainly come out to hurt her husband, and probably her, eventually when one of the five of them lets slip in a moment of anger ‘your wife was great when we four-teamed her at that get together you didn’t attend. I bet she never came like that for just you.’ People do stupid, hateful, hurtful things when caught up in the moment and the more people are involved the more certain that moment becomes.