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Saigo No Kisu [English], by Sugaishi

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The sex is very good. But the story drove me mad ^^;;

par•a•site (părˈə-sītˌ)
Biology An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.
One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

Blame me all you like, but my brain never stopped telling my penis it was wrong to be aroused by this share’s great drawings. The story is that of an adult responsible woman, in a relation with a young man jumping at her to have sex as soon as she’s back home, and apparently besides this he’s doing, just, well, nothing at all. She tries to shake him off and sever ties – and fails.
:facepalm: :¬_¬: :wall:
Oh well, enjoy if you can, eh ? Why not. Graphically, at least, this is good. Credits are for Wehasband and Hihohahi, thank you !

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Isn't he just a stay at home boyfriend/husband?


this wasn't bad. its just a bit of a role reversal. the women being the main provider. the man is as noncommittal as any other guy except he isn't going for other girls he just doesn't want to officially put those ties into place well except for the whole lets have a child thing. he will have to get his shit together eventually but until he does this scene will probably play out quite a few more times.


If he gets her pregnant then he really will have to get his shit together. But being the slacker that he seems to be he probably won't. He seems to be the type of guy that hooked up with someone that has their act together and a good job so he can just lay around all day and do nothing. Sex is wonderful but a relationship just involving nothing but sex and nothing else is doomed to fail. If they had a kid he would probably make her put the kid in a childcare center so he wouldn't have to deal with it while she's at work. And then she would have to get the kid and take care it whens she gets home from work. She would be better off getting a backbone and dumping the guy and finding someone who isn't a slacker. But on the flip side her boobs are really nice:p


Bitch better at least make her a sammich