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Mother Summer [English, absolutely ridiculous], by Sawada Daisuke

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Bring a cougar on a hentai beach. Comedy gold.

Is there a proper expression for the idea of “trying too much too hard” ? I felt that’s the case here, Sawada Daisuke is not just trying too hard, he is trying too much too hard, trying really hard to ride the mother incest train, but he’s failing at making it worthy and, probably feeling it’s not boding well, he’s trying hard, hard, hard !
The end result is that I couldn’t even facepalm, on the contrary, that made me laugh at this WTFesque setup ^^ Bathos humour all the way ! ^^;;

Oh, the story ? Boy goes to the beach with his mommy, she pretends she’s unaware of her exploding sex appeal, she flirts with boys, gets bukkake’ed, and proceeds to discovering her son’s cock, all the while in the fucking middle of a public beach with people acting as if nothing is happening, WTF, seriously ?!? I told you, it’s impossible to take that shit seriously :lol:
Graphically, well… it’s Sawada Daisuke, the hentai Rubens of our time. Give it a few centuries and people will find it cool. Except for the baby we see in a few panels. He’s fucking hideous, lol, KILL IT WITH FIRE ! :lol:
Thanks for the work, to whoever is behind this release !

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Billy Mays
Billy Mays

I like it when this author does wincest, but cannot stand the sausagefests he does.

And this one is just pathetic tbh.


How "messed-up" could this be? Only one way to find out.

… a few minutes later …


It looks like she already had her sons kid… that baby is certainly ugly enough to be a product of incest.


Is there a proper expression for the idea of “trying too much too hard” ?

Yes, that would be most of the description Oliver posts.

General Hentai
General Hentai

The "WTF" is strong in this one.