Kanojo Ga Heya Wo Kaeta Wake (“The Reason why she Moved”) [English], by Touma Itsuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Fresh, smiling, merry sex ! ^____^

I was fearing the worst, the best has come :D
A seriously sexy female college student needs the help of three male friends to move to a new flat, and, when they’ve finished moving everything… they don’t drug/soak and rape her. Actually, from the beginning the plan was to have a foursome, with the youngest candid young man being a targeted new team member.
Simple as that, FUCK YEAH ! :twisted:

Graphically, look, honestly, it could have been better, there’s this amoung of whiteout censorship that doesn’t allow to fully tell if the girl was really having (ew) a double vaginal or not.
But even then, that was good to the eye, that had a great “feel good” merry feeling, haaa, the smiles everyone was showing ! ^^
My gratitude go to 1eye and an unknown translator, thank you ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ane-sama Inkou (“Sister’s Sexy Smell”, 205 pictures, half-uncensored), Licentious Judge, Aiseki, and Tatoeba Konna Hibi.

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9 years ago

Yeah, she was.

Max Decarus
Max Decarus
9 years ago

Meh, not my cup of tea. She's too much of a slut, and i'm not into the whole double/triple penetration thing.

This artist's plots tends to sway between nice vanilla sister/brother wincest to less palatable things such as this.

9 years ago

IDK Max. seems to me brother/sister wincest should be less palatable than this, I mean we are talking incest. This is consensual and very free of heavy emotions. I'm not a big fan of the sausage fests myself but this wasn't so bad when you compare it to Sawada Daisuke or Kon-Kit who seem to only do these over the top gang-bang stories lately( 3 guys is a small group with them)

Max Decarus
Max Decarus
9 years ago
Reply to  anonymous

A woman who freely opens her orifices for men, and multiple men at that freely is less appealing than a brother/sister that have genuine, deep love for one another, that struggle to either conform with society and keep that love hidden, or express it and be with the one they love.

However even when it comes to incest, i only like certain types, i.e brother/sister, mother/son, aunt/nephew & non-blood related incest such as stepmother/stepson & stepsister/stepbrother.