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Chishiki No Katsubou [English], by Gamma Ray (Also Known As Ganmarei)

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I personally deem this as unfappable, but this is quite interesting, nonetheless.

I couldn’t find a better introduction that what the LWB guys wrote on their blog : « How can you say you love a girl if you won’t let her knock you out with chloroform? »
That girl is crazy. And she knows it. Enjoys it. She was super scary, and super hot, incidentally :lol:

So, yeah, there you are, that’s what happens when a crazy manipulates three boys until they earnestly try to hard rape her. Me, I was nonplussed, both by the art and the plot :shock:
Inb4 someone asks : Gamma Ray = Ganmarei, under which name I already share Paved With Good Intentions.

Credits are for Blurk and MrWayne, from Little White Butterflies :jap:

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I liked this dialogue :
« – As you can seee, this is the laboratory of an old school… And I’m the only member of the science club, but I’m constantly cumbered with boredom, curiosity, sadistic feelings and a want to destroy.
– Quite the burden, huh.

See ? Even moses wrote it in one of the Ten Commandmends. You shan't put your dick in crazies.

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As a closet fan of all sorts of crazy girls (hush, don't tell anyone!), I must admit I'm rather enjoying this new trend of not-that-sane stuff ^_^


i watched this on other site and i just rolfd remembering you saying "crazy eyes" over and over again on that other post heh


Geez and I thought the chick in the last post by this mangaka was crazy. This one is a true wing-nut.


Nobody respects commandments anymore, huh ? :P


Crazy is different, and different is good. :p


Sacked by crazy.