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Kashiwasaki Miki Wa Ironna Basho De Zenra Sanpo Shitemita (“Miki Kashiwazaki Goes Naked in All Sorts of Places”) [English, 218 pictures], by Maruta

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One of the best exhibitionism mangas I have read, after the ones by the artist Cage

Meet Miki Kashiwazaki. She is a pervert. The (best ?) type : she enjoys exhibitionism, going naked. It’s even better if there’s an older man ordering her around. And it’s even better if sex follows shortly afterwards :)
That’s the gist, the plot for the whole volume, as she does more and more risky exhibits of herself, eventually having public groupsex in the open. Unlike all my expectations, the ending didn’t turn sour or sick, it went well and stayed positive, cheerful.

There’s a good feeling all along, Miki is respected and treated well, as she is demanding. A great sense of freedom came from this manga, I felt we shared a bit of Miki’s feeling of liberation along the pages…
Regarding the drawings, this is one of Maruta’s best mangas, if not THE best :shock: Fine lines, no defects, a thin female adult body with thin hips and a beautiful face, censorship not too strong… woah ! :shock:

Thanks a lot to everyone involved in the scanlation of this volume ! ^_^ The only names I know are those of Malone, Xephyr and Canavi, from Munyu, maybe there are others too :jap:

For MORE, please see The list of Maruta’s works on Hentairules

MODERATE SPOILER : select the lines below to show it. This is nothing BIG, but I’d recommend that you wait till you finished the book before reading it…
(Spoiler begins)
Seriously, guys… Does that girl bring bad luck ? :D
Or was there some implied meaning I failed to get ?
Look at it, EVERY SINGLE ONE of her male partners in exhibitionism ended up disappearing, quitting their job, or dropping out of their place of activity :lol:
(spoiler ends)

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Personally, I prefer it for reading, it takes less disk space, and it’s the version I used for the preview pics.
Download links, Zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

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Eww, this one is a big let down by Murata.

The artwork is great as per usual, but the story… Just meh.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I guess that's different tastes for ya.

Me, I didn't mind the girl enjoying exhib sex like that, it always brings a feeling of liberation, reading a good manga on that theme :)


The exhibitionism is not the problem for me with this one. It's the old/ugly men, and the fucking multiple guys at once thing.


So this story is about a whore having good fuck? It's kind of a let down by Murata, I'm out, nothing to do here.

Bond Travolta

Actually, it does have a decent character with a good character development. She eventually quits exhibitionism, gets to keep her accepting friends & even got a reliable boyfriend. She also mentioned that while she didn't regret what she's been doing, she's also happy that after much thought, she's able to quit it.

Probably her desires were overcoming her as a person & she did get confused and feels insecure here and there throughout the story and therefore is grateful she could have a normal life again. It was exciting for her, but she also yearns to be normal again and she got it.

All in all, it's a very interesting personal story of how a girl came to be herself.


I'm glad that you actually enjoy it. Maybe it's just I can't help but feeling disgusted by a girl having sex with a bunch of guys, and can't understand why someone can take her as his boyfriend even if she quit it, nothing can change the fact that she used to had sex with these guys, not just her mistake, but she actually enjoying that. No one can be sure that what will happen after that, will she just walk down that old road again when she can't control her own desire? That's the thing make me feel so uncomfortable about this tank. It's only my opinion, If it's good for anyone else, good for them.


Not that I want to be a problem but isn't this a wani product or did you decided that it was a lost cause and decided to post Wani products now?


actually it a good plot , it 's the way of thinking of a woman ie fantasies like to have sex in the park or other stuff she enjoys what she doing let says with innocence, prefer older men who do gently, not a young rough it isn' t like other ntr or cheating wife whore

Alexandrine Library
Alexandrine Library

The fact is: I did approve of the story. I have never been a fan of watching girls taking lots of different cocks art once – neither in live action porn nor in hentais, I dare say.

The fantasy of going to school and to work without panties is much more ordinary than many people think, and when I was a teenager, I met some girls who had that sort of practice. Walking naked in all sorts of places is something difficult to make true, but it is also a recurrent fantasy. Having sex in the open is another fantasy (from males and females) that Maruta puts in the story, and that is the climate that makes many feel comfortable with the narrative, and although I do not enjoy seeing a girl being shared by a platoon of cocks, she behaved so spontaneously (and not simply obscenely) that it seemed extremely natural. That was the fantasy to the nth degree.

As to being the property of older men and submitting to their orders, believe me, many teenager girls have that sort of fantasy as well.

But I agree that the guys continually disappearing is something strange. We could say that Maruta did not know how to get rid of them in order to change her partners, but considering the quality of his narrative in this story (and many others of his), that explanation is senseless. So I will theorize that he had a hidden meaning that only initiated people will decipher (and I am not referring to Illuminati, although we never know :D ).

And, man, Miki Kashiwazaki is gorgeous!

Oliver AKA The Admin

– quickly browsing blog comments while taking a break from work : or maybe Maruta is hoping to run a second volume of the same series and there will be an explanation of sorts. One can always hope.

Alexandrine Library
Alexandrine Library

A second volume? Well, supposing he will preserve the quality of the narrative, I will applaud.