Misae-san No Shiri Ass [English], by Abe Morioka

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Good anal ? Abe Morioka always provides =)

Okay, this is what happens when a very talented hentai artist, Abe Morioka, decides to adopt the style of another mangaka, Yoshito Usui, in order to draw a pornified parody of a series called Crayon Shin-chan : something weird :shock:
It’s brought to us by Garass and Fated Circle, thank you !! :)

The story is about a married woman having a sling, in a hotel room, first oral, vaginal sex, and then VERY good and powerful anal time, whoah :D
There are fetishes that may not cater to everyone’s tastes, like armpit odor and human hair, ergh.

Lastly, I cropped the hell out of the images, also rotating them a bit when that helped. You see, they were scanned quite badly, probably to avoid damaging the original book where the manga was printed. Compare this with that. The result isn’t miraculous, some bits were cut, I clonestamped here and there finishing touches, those were five well-spent minutes I hope ^_^

By Abe Morioka, I also share Devi Navi (216 pictures, the most hilarious of the lot, I’m so glad to have commissioned its translation), Hari Hari Honey (210 pictures, also proudly commissioned by me), Hot Teacher (decensored), Onee-sama Likes Anal (Uncensored), Fuyui Yui (Uncensored), Let’s Do It (Uncensored), Shake hip (also Uncensored), Motomu! Kanbyou!, and Leave Me Alone.

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Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga
9 years ago

There it goes… the last piece memory of my childhood.

Oliver AKA The Admin
9 years ago
Reply to  Seishiro Haga



6 years ago

Looking at the armpit hair, thought I was watching tribble porn.