Tonari No Miko Oneesan (“The Shrine Maiden Next Door”) [English], by Mameko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Actually, it means discovering you're now having your life ruled by reponsibilities you have consciously and deliberately chosen to impose on yoursef. But it's better the hentai way.

The male hero’s mother : « All according to keikaku :twisted: »
I’ll preserve a bit of spoiler materials, as finding “it” out was fun, okay ? Let’s say Tonari No Miko is about a young man who doesn’t amount to much, with his elder by five years female childhood friend, now a miko. Priestess clothes are damn sexy, and her composed appearances are but a shell, happy sex with love soon takes place ^^

That share has been brought to us by Megashounen, Palaxius, Cinia Pacifica, Cadenza, Freudia and SkeeakyAsian, from Team Koinaka, thank you!

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Isn'T that Cute? … BUT IT'S RIGHT!!!!! :*


Miko!!! <3 ahh, this just made my day! Thanks Oliver, you da best!


I was reading this and could not help but think that…..

"Well that escalated quickly."


She's definitely not the shy type that's for sure. And she definitely helped him motivated about her and getting a job. Well, I think the big boobs helped a little to:p