Kore Demo Shinyuu Dayo Ne (“We Can Still Be Friends, Right ?”) [English], by Nekomateru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Happy futanari sex without mindbreak, between angels and demons ?!? WHAT NEXT ?!?

I thorougly loved that one :D Brace yourselves : we’re in a heavenly highschool made to train future angels. A girl joins, called Nefi, she’s actually a half-demon trying to become a good girl and discard her shadowy origin.
She falls in love with a beauty from her class. They become lovers.
A first part with yuri sex begins : great stuff!
A longer second part with Nefi’s magically sprouted demonic angel-subduing magical cock follows : even great futanari time!! And it frigging stays happy sex with love without mindbreak!! :shock: :twisted:

I hope you guys too will love Kore Demo Shinyuu Dayo Ne, it’s a real sweet piece of hentai ! ^^ My great thanks are for Tech, Dudeman, Renaro, Acedia, Kita and Inkblog, from Phoenix Syndicate, great job, guys ! =)
By the same artist, I also share Osakana Monban-san.

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Part time commie
Part time commie

I think i am reading too much hentai, when i saw that it was an all girl school, i kept wondering : "so who's gonna turn out to be a guy/is going to grow a dick". I am happy to see that my instincts didn't betray me yet!


Another futanari share this soon after the last one? Oliver, you're spoiling me! Thank you for this glorious gift of futanari hentai.

And, as much as I hate to ask for more, seeing as how you've already so generously given me such wonderful futanari to fap to… In the comments to FutaRoma, someone mentioned Futabu! – do you already share it, and if no, any chance you could share it?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Honestly, no, that'd be too much work traded for, really, too little enjoyment for me. I may make an effort to please everyone, but, here, there would be a HUGE work to do, compiling, checking, possibly fixing, uploading, fetching links, double checking… oh god no. It would consume MUCH more time than a single tank or chapter. Sorry man ! But if you like, I can find you links to it ^^


I was hoping you'd convert…

[darthvadervoice] Give in to the futanari side [/darthvadervoice]

Yeah, if you don't mind pointing me towards it, via links, I can fetch it myself. Much appreciated


Nevermind, you already share Futabu! – as part of this. http://www.hentairules.net/2010/01/12/pack-of-11-

I downloaded it via torrent, and it looked familiar. I sometimes forget names, but futanaris I remember easily.