Kore Demo Shinyuu Dayo Ne (“We Can Still Be Friends, Right ?”) [English], by Nekomateru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Happy futanari sex without mindbreak, between angels and demons ?!? WHAT NEXT ?!?

I thorougly loved that one :D Brace yourselves : we’re in a heavenly highschool made to train future angels. A girl joins, called Nefi, she’s actually a half-demon trying to become a good girl and discard her shadowy origin.
She falls in love with a beauty from her class. They become lovers.
A first part with yuri sex begins : great stuff!
A longer second part with Nefi’s magically sprouted demonic angel-subduing magical cock follows : even great futanari time!! And it frigging stays happy sex with love without mindbreak!! :shock: :twisted:

I hope you guys too will love Kore Demo Shinyuu Dayo Ne, it’s a real sweet piece of hentai ! ^^ My great thanks are for Tech, Dudeman, Renaro, Acedia, Kita and Inkblog, from Phoenix Syndicate, great job, guys ! =)
By the same artist, I also share Osakana Monban-san.

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Part time commie
Part time commie
9 years ago

I think i am reading too much hentai, when i saw that it was an all girl school, i kept wondering : "so who's gonna turn out to be a guy/is going to grow a dick". I am happy to see that my instincts didn't betray me yet!

9 years ago

Another futanari share this soon after the last one? Oliver, you're spoiling me! Thank you for this glorious gift of futanari hentai.

And, as much as I hate to ask for more, seeing as how you've already so generously given me such wonderful futanari to fap to… In the comments to FutaRoma, someone mentioned Futabu! – do you already share it, and if no, any chance you could share it?

Oliver AKA The Admin
9 years ago
Reply to  HentaiAddict

Honestly, no, that'd be too much work traded for, really, too little enjoyment for me. I may make an effort to please everyone, but, here, there would be a HUGE work to do, compiling, checking, possibly fixing, uploading, fetching links, double checking… oh god no. It would consume MUCH more time than a single tank or chapter. Sorry man ! But if you like, I can find you links to it ^^

9 years ago

I was hoping you'd convert…

[darthvadervoice] Give in to the futanari side [/darthvadervoice]

Yeah, if you don't mind pointing me towards it, via links, I can fetch it myself. Much appreciated

9 years ago
Reply to  HentaiAddict

Nevermind, you already share Futabu! – as part of this. http://www.hentairules.net/2010/01/12/pack-of-11-

I downloaded it via torrent, and it looked familiar. I sometimes forget names, but futanaris I remember easily.