Ai No Risshou Houshiki [English], by Takashi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Fuck that motherfucking fucker, grrrr!

I’m sharing this for those of you who can’t stomach vanilla or are bored of it, but, fair and serious warning, this material is hardcore in many regards.
Graphically : even though it’s “only” oral and vaginal, it’s strong sex.
Scenario-wise : totally rage-inducing, an infatuated brother is so fucked up inside he believes the best way to thank his sister who sacrificed herself for him is to mindbreak her and turn her into his possession, and so he organizes her group rape.

I almost regretted the art didn’t suck, then I wouldn’t have deemed it worth to share. And so, with all due warnings, for those who’ll dig it, there you are !
Credits are for Biribiri, Afro Thunda and – I didn’t imagine he’d commission stuff in that niche – Flammz, thanks are a given :jap:

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madness hero
madness hero

So let me get this straight, dude records his sister getting rape and sends the video to the boyfriend. The boyfriend doesn't have enough sense to see what's going on so he assumes that she is a slut, leaves her without question, and probably destroys the evidence. You know, I'm starting to think that hentai rapist have Masters degrees psychology and sociology.


Or he ditched the premise of dating a raped girl/not virgin. I'm pretty sure the record shouldn't be that easy to misinterpret. Hentai logic was strong in this one, though.


Okay. The brother has some abandonment issues to work through I guess.

Instead of taking the recording to the police, so they could put a proper end to this, this mystery date guy just cuts his ties with the girl and leaves her at the mercy of her brother? She's in REAL danger and dude says fuck it I'm done. I guess he didn't like her as much as he thought.

Okay hentai logic. Okay.