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Sensei Shiyo [English], by Orutoro

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Would the sensei he loves so much really get married before he has a chance to confess his feelings ?!? A male teenager gathers at last the courage to be manly, and once the misunderstandings are cleared, it’s happy sex with – what the fuck?!? – love. Oh well :roll:
The story, albeit supposedly vanilla, left me in a deep state of incredulity, but on the other hand I will whole-heartedly salute the drawing skills of Orutoro, this artit that’s new to me.
The art is splendid, the plump woman (I’d give her 25 years of age) has a great body, a good face, shapely breasts, and the art makes great use of light and contrasts, to give drawings that are bursting with life, it felt as if the heroine’s body was solid, real, almost touchable :D

Thanks a LOT to NecromanCr for this sweet release, I’m grateful =)

By the artist, I also share Koko Ga Tanetsuke Frontier (“This Is The Mating Frontier”) chapters 1-2 (Earth and Sky chapters – the series is complete), Futei Koubi Zuma Honoka ~ Hakkaku Hen and Wagamama Steady.

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That story took a twist I wasn't expecting half-way through. I really liked the sensei's character design and I've never seen anything by Orutoro either, so I'm going to be looking for more . . . .


" I've never seen anything by Orutoro either, so I'm going to be looking for more . . . . "

This is his debut as far as drawing hentai manga goes. However, he's been drawing stand alone images for years under the name of Orushibu. I recommend looking up that name if you liked what you saw in this story.


That makes sense after I checked Orushibu out. Turns out I have the artist favored in my Pixiv profile. The profile can be found here for Orushibu – & on Twitter –

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hey, thanks for the info, Anon, and the links, Loplop!

It's nice to see talent like that :)


Well, She did get a soon to be husband:p

General Hentai
General Hentai

Ah, Japan, where 64.2% of all love confessions are accompanied by sexual assault.

FYI, The advertisements are interfering with my ability to change the picture size option. This has been happening a lot recently.


Um… Is that a real statistic? The number is huge, but one thing i know for sure about Japan is that things are FUCKED UP there.

General Hentai
General Hentai

As the saying goes, "There are lies, damn lies and statistics." ;P


wow, from the glimpse in homepage i can tell,
this is definitely orushibu,with his work which i think is the very first book he ever made.

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Wow, we've got to see an artist debut! Hope to see more from this artist.