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Delusion Diary Returns (“Mousou Diary Returns”) [English], by Tsukino Jyogi

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I may like decensoring my preview pictures, but, sorry, this time it's beyond my abilities. Still hot as fuck, though :D

There were only seven years between the scanlation release dates of Delusion Diary and of its present sequel, Delusion Diary Returns. A breeze ! :D
And so, once again, we meet the tsundere sister, violent and angry at her shamelessly hentai brother, although at the same time cute and tender with him, and never actually turning down any of his offers for sex. That’s all, to be fair, we find them having sex again after a short comedy introduction. And it was great like that already ^_^

Thanks a lot to Tonigobe and Happyoo ! ^_^

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This was definatly one I wasn't expecting to ever see a continuation of at any time. The original was one of the first works of Tsukino Jyogi I ever read.


Just an FYI, apart form the original Delusion Diary, there is also a Delusion Diary Advanced:

Oliver AKA The Admin

It's now been integrated in Delusion Diary, check it more accurately :)


Ugh, it's weird, she looks way too loli with that twin tails hairstyle. There was one scene in the original that was in the bath and she had her hair down, and suddenly, no problem at all! Superhot! For some reason twintails is a bonerkiller, especially if the girl already looks young.

OTOH, twintails on a girl who very much looks adult, like Rin Tohsaka, I don't have any trouble with. Although it must be said, she has a killer body that in no way could be thought of as loli…


Yay. One of my favorites. That being said, and without having read it yet. The preview picture 3 you have up there, doesn't look good. She doesn't look as good as in any of the pictures and panels that were released previously.
That page (or the bottom half) doesn't turn me on at all. On the contrary

Oliver AKA The Admin

I thought that although she didn't look very good, she was a "honest" representation of what to expect, it had a strong "tsukino jyogi-esque" feeling…

To each his own, eh ? :)


And a good thing too. Otherwise we guys would all be after the same girl. Although depending on her personality, she might be into that.


Holy fuck yes best thing ever thank you!

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Tsudere sister, I love it!!! xD


Oliver, are you REALLY sure this was made by Tsukino Jyogi? The humor and face expressions are autentic, but it feels somehow off…

It seems to me that someone is only imitating his style. Comparing with original story and Mousou Diary Advanced, this is different in every direction. Especially drawing shows signs of very different kind of personality.

Isn’t it possible that Tsukino just found very autentic doujinshi and just approved it?

I would believe if he made it himself years ago before the original story and just found it out, but this is just NOT the Tsukino Jyogi I know.