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With A Dictionary And No Skirt [English, 188 pictures, slightly retouched], by Enoki Tomoyuki

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Hey, sure !

Here is a very nice vanilla-based manga, midway between hentai and ecchi, featuring almost exclusely happy sex with love, and many times, more than that, there were even moving moments, it felt really good to read, heart-warming and all ^_^
My gratitude, for the link to this, go to my dear Ehud, very good one, man, thank you ! :)

I did retouches, adjusting levels to give more impact to the images, also doing stronger retouches on the cover (now it’s more lively and less blurred) and removing two – or was it three – double pages.
As for the drawings, they’re cute and well-done, but don’t get your hopes too high, as I wrote, they’re not fully hentai, allright ? There will be devastating smiles, blushing, sexy lingerie, frilly clothes, beautiful girls with natural proportions, naked breasts… and invisible genitalia occasionally – at best – outlined by body fluids ^^

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Download the Free Hentai Manga in a Zip file
(107 MB, 188 pictures, English)

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cute..i like it!


Erotica is the term I would use for the content for this book by Tomoyuki. It's one of those that you need to use the biggest sexual organ you have to enjoy it . . . Your Brain.

Oliver AKA The Admin

The biggest sexual organ ?

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Sauce? :D


Damn this is a fucking old work i saw like 2010 or older.

Glad it was actually translated and improved this year!

Thanks for this Oliver-san!!

Hope you can upload more Tomoyuki works for sure!


IMHO, That Was MARVELOUS, for an “ecchi” work; another time and place, if it was fully “hentai”, it would be MAGNIFICENT!