Yawaraka-Sensei [English] by Hakaishin

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By DeltaOblivion on 2 comments

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DeltaOblivion is back and with 2 new additions just for you! First off have you ever had a crush on your hot teacher and even fantasized being together in heated love moments. This kid is just like that, his teacher is hot, one problem: she’s has a serious demeanor which everyone in class don’t want her as a supplementary teacher in after school lesson, which he is lucky and gets her for daydreaming in class. Actually you might not believe it, but in real life, I too am a stiff, a very serious guy. I bet you are laughing by your monitor thinking “Yeah, right!” Which comes my next point: When people like me and her are in a more “less people around” moments, we go soft and open up to others. But this boy let that notion get to his head and…you can see the rest.

Last time when I made my previous posts I goofed a few things like the mega links and not having picture galleries. Well Oliver heard you and game gallery privileges so you can see my shares before or during downloads. Also I won’t be posting mega links or too many download links this time or in a while. I made many download links in order to see which you use the most so I can keep using those. Also I read many comments on Rapidgator, you are in luck. I forgot I had an account there so you’ll get it now. Also I know what you will comment and the answer is no. Only less than a handful of translators, editors and scanners can use Mediafire and not have their accounts banned and when it comes to luck, I am a pessimist.

By the same artist, there is also Kininaru Anepai.

Many thanks to Crystalium, Palaxius and Cadenza from Team Koinaka for this cute story! Enjoy!

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8 years ago

22 mb, 21 pictures

8 years ago

stick with zppyshare too its the best if u ask me