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Tokubetsu Byoutou: For Real This Time

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DeltaOblivion here, laughing my ass off on this April Fools’ Day. This is the time of the year where I stop being a stick in the mud and pull some pranks on family and coworkers. Actually, this is one of my 4 days of the year I goof off. April Fools’ is one and the other 3 are horror movie marathons me and my family watch on both Fridays the 13th of the year and Halloween nights. I know some of you are sore at me for the troll, but what can I say…I couldn’t help myself. I also bet some of you even thought: “I bet that Perverted-Cat-In-Heat didn’t even had the vids to begin with.” Actually you thought wrong. In business and in my family we are taught never offer something you can’t give; it is a sign of incompetence and dishonor.  Since April Fools’ is no over, it’s high time to give you what I promised. Please not that I will keep the troll links if you want a few laughs and between us, my favorite is the Sniper Prank; I know the Chucky one is better, but seeing a whole crowd running scared is a lot more funny than a couple of people and honestly I had countless choices to share. Also sorry for the images not being uncensored, but I couldn’t find any. Still head over HERE and download the real files. Enjoy!

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My Little Pony. Ponies. Bronies. What the actual fuck.

Why is bronie shit socially acceptable, tolerated (if laughed at and looked down upon), but hentai in its endless forms most beautiful deemed sick and wrong?

I didn't like that crap the first time around in the 80s, I damn sure don't like it now.


>bitches about bronies
>has a futa as a profile pic
8/10 would laugh at this ironic troll posting again


Futa is more acceptable than Bronie-ism whatever… But just imho. Whatever floats your goat. Live and let live

Oliver AKA The Admin

Because a brony can show like 90% of his collection to a kid, and the kid won't notice something might be wrong.

Us, hentai lovers, pray, how much of our collection we must forbid ourselves to show to a kid ? Yeah : the entirety of it :D


There's usually at least 3 panels per full tank that are kid-friendly…


I remember when i open this page and appears many questions about my age…… ¡¡¡really piss me off!!!

Oliver AKA The Admin