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Boku No Senyou Onna Kyoushi chapter 1 [English], by Tohzai

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Once a woman lets her hair down and gets serious, OH FESTIVAL ! OH LIFE !

A new porn nugget by Tohzai ! :D Here, showing a female teacher (what is she, thirty ?) becoming the lover of a male student, happy sex with, maybe, love.
Tohzai’s art yielded incredible results, of the kind I love most, when a woman’s earnest and respectable face gradually becomes more honest and reveals her inner slutty side. In this, in the hentai world just like in the real world, lies one of the most wonderful sides of seduction, when your partner’s become honest and is going to show you his/her full sexuality… :3

Two notes. First, I did minor retouchings : BeforeAfter.
Second, there’s a minor mistake ^^ On page 21, the male MC tells he lives on the sixth floor… even though, in his building, there are only five floors including street level ;)

Thanks to Traen and Waterflame from Vapor Scans for this release !
By the same artist, I also share Boku Tachi No Kinki (219 pages), With A Married Woman (226 pictures), the uncensored version of Summer Memories (which belongs to With A Married Woman, I confess to being too lazy to update the latter with this uncensored version of one of its chapters) Nadenade Shikoshiko, Brother Holic and and Round 3.

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I wonder, I frequently had the impression the female heroine reminded me of the girl in Blind Princess by Saki Urara. Maybe the forehead… Would you also have that impression ?

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This was yet another Korean to English translation by Traen and Waterflame from Vapor Scans, this time based on a Korean translation by Team Arcana.

I'm not sure if anything is lost/changed in these Japanese>Korean>English translations, but Vapor Scans seems to be doing a pretty good job so far.

Thanks a lot Oliver for sharing.


Undoubtably a lot is lost going between the languages (there always is), but considering you're relying on another language translation, you have no idea if the original translation is even accurate in the first place. :/


@Zathael do they have a Website? Vapor Scans? (My thirst is hard to quench..)


Well guess ill take that its no.


Oh sorry, missed your first reply. As far as I know, they do not have a website, they just post stuff on ehentai/exhentai.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Thanks for the scanlator info, Zathael :)


WOW!!! I have to admit I was a little worried there but I guess it turned out that she really wanted it. Man, she was really hot to. I wish it could have all been done in wonderful color. And as always Oliver you did a great job on the retouchings. :p

Oliver AKA The Admin

Glad it helped ^^

Although, the biggest on my time was spent on the cover.

First the version with the fugly scanlator mark and then, after seeing there was a scanlator-mark-free version a few images later, after much, much, a whole lot of cursing, on the scanlator-mark-free version ^^


How the hell did i missed this one out?!?!

Thanks a lot Oliver-san!