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Slavery Contract [English, 174 pictures], by Chuuka Naruto

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Fuck it. Fuck it hard.

Commissioned by Soothingkiwi, translated by Desu (thanks to both of them), here is… oh, sigh, yeah, same old Chuuka Naruto. An old fart manages, through a combination of deceiving, manipulating, betraying, and with his almost magical sexual talent, to mindbreak two sexy adult women into sex slaves.
If the art is to your taste (the two girls are real hot, the men would deserve nothing less than a flamethrower, and this time the scans were made with broken options: every line looks edgy as lines drawn without antialiasing, argh), enjoy !
Otherwise, let’s move on, shall we ? :roll:

By the same artist, I also shareย Shoushouruten (189 pictures), Hitozuma Yukie (187 pictures), Seitokaichou Mitsuki (190 pictures), Gichichi ~Yuriko~, Wedge Of Lust (181 pictures), Harai No Reika (Exorcist Reika) (190 pictures), Female Teacher Kyouko (191 pictures), Woman Investigator Training Link (185 pictures) and Adoptive Father (182 pictures).

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(76 MB, 174 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
Zip Mirror #1 – or – Zip Mirror #2

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Oliver AKA The Admin


Somebody voted 1-star on this before I could do it myself T___T


The images 005.jpg, 044.jpg, 065.jpg, 105.jpg, 125.jpg, 145.jpg & 165.jpg are missing!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah ?

Blimey, I had no idea the version I had was missing images O_o

I’ll repack it in the next minutes, thanks for the link, Zarniwoop !

Edit : ARGH !

You had mee fooled, there, man :(
That was the Japanese version :(

Could it be the missing pages were simply double pictures (page joins), or something like that ?


Another mind fuck by Chuuka Naruto.

Thanks either way Oliver-san!!!