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Mirai Wa Bokura No Ude No Naka (“We Embrace Our Future”) [English, Uncensored], by Ikuya Daikokudou

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Better always be ready. You never know when another genderbent you from a parallel universe will come to fuck you good.

If you could have sex with another opposite-sex version of you from a parallel universe, who knows what you’re up to, would you:
– totally fuck yourself and enjoy it to the max,
– totally fuck yourself and enjoy it to the max ?

I’ll let you enjoy the story, it was original enough to make even the non-porn pages really worth it :)
As for the drawings, they’re nice, with simple strong lines, reminding me a bit of Ei Itou, and decensored :twisted:
This has been translated by Tokeydokey and decensored by an unknown benefactor, thank you !! ^^

If you’re into parallel realities communicating with each other, but you don’t need the porn, then I’ll give you a heartful manga recommendation, Qualia The Purple.

If you want more works by this artist, there is also the very funny Dokka Ichatta, a pack of 2 works (Hakudaku No Tsubada + Ojousama To Hanamuko Shugyou Zenpen) and Ane To Josou To Ero Mangaka chapters 1-2.

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well oli there is 1 snag with fucking yourself what if both of you are guys? than u have a problem lol


Maybe the you from the past that's going to fuck you is gay/bisexual. If that's the case, might as well get used to rolling both ways real quick.

Oliver AKA The Admin

That was the thing, in the end, that I realized only with a strong delay. Wait… maybe this is not a woman who is going to show up next for the male hero…


I guess it should still be OK, if it's with another himself, it's less of a problem, the other him would know all the places that make him happy nonetheless ? Hopefully ?


It'S A TRAP ;o ….. AND IT IS GLORIOUS!!!!! :*


And this guy will be fucked by a gay version of him next.



I for one loved it


nice screenshot Oliver! that's one pretty Pussy! :D

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Very clever story.


Trying to make sense of it doesn't really work, especially since they're (past and future) not the same gender. Why would a future him be a her?
If the past him fucked the future her in the pussy, and it'd be repeated, that wouldn't work since he doesn't HAVE a pussy.

If it's alternate reality, that other "him" at the end could be an alternate "her", but that couldn't work either because the story sets itself up that events are repeated. He'd get fucked in his nonexistent pussy by a nonexistent dick (an alternate reality "her" wouldn't have a dick).

The ONLY time it WOULD work is if he changed into a woman somehow before the end.


Trying to understand hentai logic is like trying to understand how a car feels about different types of pavement.

But since this is hentai- maybe I can meet up with an alternate me, that's a futanari?

Good read, good share, thanks Oliver! Particularly loving the art style!


New artist for me :)

Great stuff Oliver-san!