Pony [English], by Serere (circle Hannama)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Will that image be a huge hit among the bronies ? :D

“He’s seen my panties with a childish design. That I carefully chose for this sole purpose of captivating him. He’s shaken. Time to push my advantage.” (not a real quote, a summary).
– I suddenly wonder if it would be possible to write a hentai version of The Art Of War :D

So, yeah, long story short, a cutie, with glasses and a falsely modest/peaceful attitude, goes on the offensive on the boy she loves. Happy sex with mutual liking (I’m not sure there is love on the male part, not yet, only liking) follows :)
The characters were borrowed from a visual novel with the minimalistic title : I’m A High School Boy And A Bestselling Light Novel Author, Strangled By My Female Classmate Who is My Junior And A Voice Actress :shock:

My great thanks, for this release, go to Noraneko and JBK, from Team Koinaka :jap:

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9 years ago

Cure ….. REAL Cute. :*

9 years ago

"A hentai version of The Art Of War"… This would actually be awesome: Imagine a collaboration of great artists like Homunculus, Digital Lover, Tohzai, Yamatogawa and you name the others each contributing a principle and a chapter in a series of tankoubons with this theme.

Also thanks for the share Oliver.