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Ochinchin Busoku (“Not Enough Dick”) [English, 76 pictures], by Saiyazumi

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I would welcome many more works by this artist ^_^

That one seriously made me giggle, although I should give you a warning, it’s happy sex based on a mix of consensual relations and of female domination over a bound male.
The story… it’s a highschool in which the heroine (guess what, yeah, a disciplinary committee member) is burning to have sex, thinking of it all the time. At last, she meets a usable comrade. And in the second part, a female teacher with similar “preoccupations” joins to make it a threesome.

The story was original, and the good, generous art… AW YISS ! In 2015, reading something with so *little* censorship (only very thin and rare bars) is a great source of joy!! :twisted:
Credits are for Marien, Tenchi20, Josellillo and Hentaieyebr, thanks a lot ^^ The scanlation also had a “personal touch”, maybe sounding amateurish here and there, but making the thoughts of the characters much more convincing, much less fabricated…

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ahh.. such a good day! thx for the share! try this too from same artist Mama Ryouhou;) oh and Lady In The Mixed Bath.

Oliver AKA The Admin

"Mama Ryouhou" ? " Lady In The Mixed Bath" ?

Doesn't ring a single bell, but I'll search for it. Thanks Katsu :)

Billy Mays
Billy Mays

This needs a follow-up with anal.


That was a little different, But in the good sense.


i really didn't like how long he drew the nipples and clit. they were freakishly long.


Chapters 5, 6 and 8 of "Monoka". The other translated chapters are:
Chapter 1: Mama Ryouhou (Mama Therapy) –
Chapter 4: Muki Muki Taisou: Mama Ryouhou 2 (Mother-Son Penis Exercises!! Mom's Treatment) –

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Good share!!! ^^


I am retracting my post 6 hours prior to present timem about rapidgator being an invalid file sharing service.
Apparently, they do check their immediate status in concurrent to their availability of providing service… so, I am just stating this as of now that their file sharing capability has resume-
I may or may not again be announcing such message by any means to create as an irrelevant post to a meaningful board such as this…. and again, good day-!