Tadare En [English], by Higenamuchi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Even outside of games, there are filthy casuals ;)

I tend to place carefree happy sex on a pedestal, just a few steps below vanilla hentai (happy sex, love, and it’s moving) and happy sex with love (it’s not necessarily moving) or liking.
But here… that was… weird, that was too much ^^ We’re in a “friends with benefits” extremely prolungated relation, two boys, one girl, and they have sex however they care, only friendship involved.
The ending leaves an open door to a different future, though…

I’ll let you make yourself your own opinion :) As for the art ? Real hot, but so censored most of the erotica fades in thin air, in my opinion… and for you ?
Thanks a lot to Brolen, Ser Maggot, Ark and Grayson, from Lewdwanibootleggers, for this interesting release ! :)

By the same artist, I share the very disappointing Otome Kuzushi (211 pictures), Hoshii Mama and, better, a pack of 4 works.

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9 years ago

Ah yes, I've seen this one. I like Higenamuchi's artstyle, and the story too. Never liked society's "virgin or slut" dichotomy, and here the does it because not necessarily out of romantic love, but because it's fun, and she trusts her close friends.

There's something sliiightly depressing though, a sense of "not enough", especially from the guy's POV. Does he want her to become his girlfriend? More than friends with benefits?

The ending kinda disputes that because there it seems he's afraid the "benefits" will END, instead of it not being enough. The very last part of the last page, apparently the girl has said multiple times she's going to stop it, yet she doesn't, and the guy thinks this'll probably/hopefully continue. He SEEMS happy about it. So yeah, I think they're happy with this relationship.

Oliver AKA The Admin
9 years ago
Reply to  Mousse9

(That's why I enjoy writing walls of text, they're met with equivalent if not larger walls in the comments :D )

I also saw something *more*, as she pats her belly, as much of the discussion was about creampying her on a fertile day, there will be pregnancy, eventually, and choices will have to be made. A permanent "ménage à trois" (couple of three), one of the boys leaving, who can tell, but their situation has an end that will be met.

9 years ago

Hopefully, a good ending. Though realistically I can't see it happening, the one I want to see is a "screw society, we're all three gonna stay together".

Going offtopic, this reminds me of a very long story I've read online, set in the 1960's, America. Where three of the main characters (it has a large cast), who have known eachother since childhood, end up in a happy menage a trois.

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga
9 years ago

It left me with mixed feeling.

9 years ago

I really hope there would be more like this. Why?
Well usually when we have threesomes with 2 guys one is mindbreaking, they are raping, or taking advantage, it is always so fucked up and never looks like this kind of situations can be a choice.
When we get harem stories the girls are always willing and its carefree. but when there are reverse harems is all about rape and bad joo joo.
Even with the mixed feelings at the end I am OK with this since at least we did not get any rape/mindbreak/etc fucked up shit.