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Goro Dynamite [English, 207 pictures], by Karma Tatsurou

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"ROFL" doesn't even cut it.

That was extremely hilarious, weird, crazy, original… let’s call it genius :lol:

Goro Dynamite is a full tank, mostly (with wrestling and flower bonuses) about angels possessing humans to do wicked sexual things, although nobody needs those angels anyway, everybody’s crazy and perverted beyond any form of salvation. Everywhere, every time, crazy unpredicatable comedy. It’s mad. It’s awesome. And there are tons of sex all along :D
I laughed super hard a great number of times, I could never see the pranks and the plot twists coming… A grand, deranging but grand release, thanks a TON to Mystvern, Wurster and VfjTgw ! :jap:

The drawings, as for them, as good, although not as nice as usual, essentially because of the too low image resolution, 1068 pixels is bad. There’s good sex, but it’s less striking than in Karma Tatsurou’s other tanks. Fair warning, there is a bit of loli and oppai loli, and most male heroes are shota.
Also… page 98… I needed two minutes to stop laughing.
Never thought that‘d make me laugh :D

By the same artist, I also share Yonayona (216 pictures), Eve To Love (204 pages long), Hitozuma (233 pictures), Gags and Erotica Made Fresh Daily + Oh Lovely Pretty Sexy Misaki, Rainsnow and another pack of 3 works

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(82 MB, 207 pictures, English)

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Or you can also use the Alternative :
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At first, I had no problem with the size of the archive for this manga: 82 MB, for 207 pictures, that’s less than most of the time…. and then I saw the low resolution of the images, 1068 px high only.
By jove.
Holy Pastafari.
Time to recompress it for you guys :D
There should be no loss of quality for the naked eye, only a loss in megabytes, it’s now half smaller, from 82 MB to 41 MB =)
Download links, Zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

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When was this made? Its arkwork seems too different compared to "Hitozuma" or "Yonayona". By the way, thanks


Wow. This hit every branch of the bat shit insane tree on the way to the ground.


The stories and style remind me of Millefeuille. It's way over the top.

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Another hilarious manga from Karma Tatsurou


This was pretty awesome! love comedies style! XD


Oh my god, I think my mind broke a little. Was this guy on acid when he wrote this?


Many thanx Oliver.


Holy crap, I never expected anyone to work on this after all this time. I first read it 12 years ago.

This tank is from 2000.


Ahh so good!

This is actually an old work? Art is soo timeless :)

Thanks a bunch Oliver-san!


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Good day-!

Oliver AKA The Admin

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