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Maid In Japan [English], by Sakai Nayuta

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Why ? BECAUSE HENTAI OF COURSE ! - I really wish that became a popular joke, just so it had a chance to happen in real life of a few lucky folks! ^^

A story needs a pretence, allright, let us not be too picky ^^ In the present share, a boy sees his half-English female childhood friend come to his home, dressed up as a maid, and hears her announce she is going to serve him. She sucks at house chores, but worry not, for she’ll soon come assist him in the bathroom and suck on something else.
The censorship was a bit too strong (thick black bars) without being abominable, I’d say this is good stuff all in all, for happy sex with love like that ^^
To be frank, I was more worried by the hectoliters the guy was ejaculating every time, oh gosh :lol:

Credits are for Noraneko and JBK, thank you ! ^.^

–Update: this post is now obsolete. You will find it inside Afureru Made Shite (212 pictures).

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HNNG! I want a maid like this!
…. actually make that two.. a petite and a busty one!


Not Even Gonna TRY to come up with any witty or silly pun about this one, related to "maids" – 'twas Cute … and that's good enough. :p


AAAAAAAWWWWW!!! I was really looking forward to one of your comments!!!


Be noted that there is a tank-exclusive sequel that hasn't been translated yet though.