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Nuki To Koki chapter 2 [English], by Aruto Naruto

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A promising story has been brutally nuked into high orbit, no ashes are even remaining. RIP.

That’s the direct sequel to Nuki To Koki Zenpen, shared ten months ago.
And… damnit, what a descent into the gutter :( The first part was mostly OK, but the second one…

Look, you know the saying, “broes before hoes”. It’s proven wrong. The hoe is indeed a total whore, but the bro was just an asshole, and dignity, pride, morality, or even bloody reason, everything is thrown down the gutter, because love prevails.
I know my summary is insulting common sense, but: so does this story :facepalm:

TL;DR: good porn, but story-wise that’s a facepalm hard enough to be measured on the Richter magnitude scale.
It’s a HurpDurp and Biribiri release, kudos.

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Uh, that was…. I, erm…. yeah… Oh fuck it!! I'm at a total loss of words.

"I know my summary is insulting common sense, but: so does this story" <- spot on

random reader
random reader

No. Just no.


Ok, Guys help me out with the ending on this one. He meets the girl again but does that mean their going to use her as a sex toy for money again? Or since she made it known that she was in love with him and only him will it be just the 2 of them? And why is the MC still friends with the jerk that was selling her for money? I don't get it. I would have taken a baseball bat to him. Hentai logic I guess.


Just for reference, the Richter Scale was replaced by the more precise Moment Magnitude Scale during the 1970s.

And technically, a single mote of dust landing on a table would register on the MMS, at about -15. So yes, a facepalm totally does have a magnitude.


One can find knowledge in the most unexpected places, i guess. ^^

Oliver AKA The Admin

Veni, Vidi, Accipi

Thank you :)


This is some new artist for me :D

Good work Oliver-san!