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Happy Drunk [English], by Morino Kasumi

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Once again, booze saves the day. YAY BOOZE ! :D

Tell me, does it still count as adultery, when the wife is getting a divorce and her statutory freedom is only a matter of time ? I say: nay! I’m cool with it :D
In the present share, we watch how a married woman (I’d say she looks like she’s 25, maybe just a bit more) with a beautiful hourglass figure, big breasts and braids, works as a waitress, gets drunk with customers, is rescued by a male worker, and they end up in the staff restroom doing something requiring complete privacy.
Alcohol always helped, but I viewed it as the long-brewing of mutual love, starting to bloom :)

For this pleasant alcoholic release, many thanks to my dear CellTF, who commissioned it from Ark, Ser Maggot, Grayson and Rabarberskurk from Lewdwanibootleggers :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Check Mating and Nakayoshi No Himitsu.

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A drunk woman with big boobs and in need of sex. What's a guy to do? Take her in the back room and plow the road to heaven!!!:p

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Who would divorce her, honestly?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Maybe she's extremely bad at everything else but waitressing and having sex. Maybe she's spending money like crazy, sleeping around, worshipping satan and sacrificing kittens.


Even though it's hentai no matter how hot a woman is, there will always be a man that would be sick of her lol.




Do Lewd Wani Bootleggers have a site at all? I can find references to both wordpress and blogspot blogs, but both are dead/deleted.

HurpDurp It was here, but it got removed.

There probably is a new one, but the longer it takes Wani to find it the longer we'll keep getting Wani translations, so it's probably best to NOT share it with the public.