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Nekomimi Planet [English], by Ichiro

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For the nekomimi fetish, really, thank you Japan.

After the planet of the cats established diplomatic relations with Earth, it’s now a common sight to see exchange youngsters welcomed into families. Let’s focus on Momo, a nekomimi, who developed feelings for a human male, and is now at the peak of her mating season MEOW! :D
Unsurprisingly, there will be happy sex with love, good drawings, crazy blushing and tons of cuteness, like the way Momo moved her ears on page 9 ^_^

NecroManCr, THANK YOU ! :D
By Ichiro, I also share Hokenshitsu No Sensei + Knockout.

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Personally, I prefer it for reading, it takes less disk space, and it’s the version I used for the preview pics.
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Yay! my personal Favorite! Nekomata XD

Danger Stranger
Danger Stranger

Thanks as always for the share Oliver =D
When I read your description of this share It made me remember of an Echii/Harem manga a read I long time ago and now (next anime season) it will be animated, it is called Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou and at the beginning I though it was quite fun and original (It was about 4 years ago though xD), but if my memory does not fail me it was some nice reading (at least until where I stopped due to translations issues). Well neither less, thanks again for this share =D

Oliver AKA The Admin

I vaguely heard about it in the past, I may read it, who knows :)

If other people are interested, I found this manga reader link with the complete (as of now at least, it's still ongoing) series :
I know it's not a "good" reader, but the good ones respected the DMCA notices they were sent and either took down the series or took down all the earlier chapters.


Hmmm, ….. another time and place, "Asobi Ni Iku Yo" (a.k.a. "Let's go Play {light novel/manga}, and "Cat Planet Cuties {Region 1 anime adaptation}) could have turned out exactly like this.

IMO, a certain U.S.-based media distributor might have O.D'd on catnip (or something stronger) to come up with the name "Cat Planet Cuties" o.0


L. Ron Hubbard was right! Aliens really do fly ufo's that look like commercial jets.


I love cat stories!!! Cat ears, cat tail and mating season. Cute little kitties in heat with big boobs and hopefully rough tongues. And don't forget the catnip:p


This one somehow reminds me of Nyan-nyan Shiyo by Koma Amezawa.

Oliver, If you haven't read that one yet, Please do.
I also suggest replacing your computer with a basin because you will melt.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Just read it.

Indeed xD

Thanks for the recommendation, Geno =)


Hnnng! Can I keep her? My landlord does allow pet-cats, after all.

Seriously, amazing share. Hope the author continues this with other couples/homestays (perhaps on the cat planet as well).

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Nice fetish and nice hentai, thanks Oli! xD