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Nyan Nyan Shiyo (“Let’s Meow Meow”) [English], by Amezawa Koma (under the pen name Koi Mo Mata Utau)

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I dare you, I double dare you, try to read that one without a smile on your face :D
A super cute nekomimi (a petite girl – her childish talking only makes the impression stronger -, with huge breasts for her small frame, large manga eyes and a furiously blushing face), is in heat. It’s up to her human master to show great stamina and provide the loving she needs :D

Let’s make this ADORABLE and uncomplicated happy sex share work as a remedy for the two other depressing stories I shared today, OK ? ^^
Credits, for this release, are for Gurumao, Pagan, Blurk, Nashrakh, Red Vodka, Afro Thunda, and Alex, from Team Vanilla, and Geno, who recommended this manga in the comments below Nekomimi Planet. Thank you very much :jap:

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Holy crap Oliver, this was released back in 2011, better late than never, lol! Tho in all honesty, there are several releases on g.e.hentai u've missed over the years that u should have posted as well.


Nice! this one is for me too! XD


I want a hot little kitty so bad right now!!! The ears, the tail, the rough tongue and the tight little pussy!!! Man, I wish cat girls were real:p



teh 1
teh 1

I passed your dare, do I get anything I'm currently in need of a job…

Oliver AKA The Admin

Nope, sorry, no job. Do you want a cookie ?


aww. thought this was the manga based on the H-Game.

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Good share, thanks! :)