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Mist Magazine May 1998 [English, 185 pictures], by Wako

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I can't fap to this, but it was a pleasant read nonetheless :)

May 1998 ? Woah, that feels weird… May 1998! My second year living alone, one month before I had internet at my place, which was forcing me to use, with paranoiac care, my uni’s internet access to browse hentai (looking back, the crowd of creeps fighting for the seats not showing to everyone what was going on inside our monitors… oh god, it was totally obvious!). That takes me a looooong way back :lol:

Let’s travel back to the past, mates! :D Here is a lesbian magazine of olde, with the matching drawings. Each chapter is a different story, populated with Women either genuinely lesbians, or seeking human warmth but not finding it with males, finding it instead with caring, honest, loveable women. I wouldn’t say the manga is about sex: it’s about mutual understanding, finding solace and love, and sex is a logical part of the process. Mostly tribadism, two chapters with dildos, and lots of love.

Thanks a lot, for this travel to the past, to Yuricon, Sailor Avalon, Elae, ElsewhereCW, Bakablonde, Mai, Tsutako, Kat_chan, Spatvark, Rosa_Foetida, Sumiregawa-kun, Tiramur and SpaceTart, from :jap:

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(54 MB, 185 pictures, English)

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Kinda wonder what was interesting in May 1998. But I can't. 4th grade wasn't memorable other than me getting over the crybaby phase.

Seishiro Haga
Seishiro Haga

Yeah, I was still a snot nosed kid at that year.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Go on, rub it in my face, that I am old. GO ON! :D


From reading your intro for this, We're probably about the same age.

Which means we've just had more time to read everything that's out there . . . . And now I'm off to read some Big Boss Love Hina doujins . . . .

John Creek
John Creek

You have already posted this in august 2008. Rediscovered it you did or hentaiforce left you, it have.

Oliver AKA The Admin

The memory left me, more accurately. But, hey, it's true, I was sharing almost the same version seven years ago O.o
Almost, not the same number of pages, still ^^


Old school :O

1998, hmm i think i was in grade 1 at that time.

Can't believe i feel old now!

Thanks for this Oliver-san!!!