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Oshikaki Fiancée [English, 175 pictures], by Matsunami Rumi

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I wrote a bad review of this manga, but at least it features a meganekko!

The chapter 1 doesn’t dispel the reader’s willing suspension of disbelief (*). It nukes it with nuclear force, Tzar Bomba style, a merciless slaughter in place of a dispelling. The unimpressed male hero has a woman thrown into his face, parents agreeing on an arranged marriage, and the woman had never seen his face but is already in love and horny. I’d like to say the chapter 2 brings back a feeling of believability, and to some extent it does, the second girl thrown into his face was a childhood friend (whom he never saw in 4 years but whatever.) :facepalm:

I know, I’m writing yet another wall of text, but, you know, for me, it really matters. When the story doesn’t go full WTF or full comedy (and then “everything goes”), I enjoy things less when plausability is thrown down the gutter. You know what, I hope you’re not in that case, as it’s making enjoying hentai more difficult :-/
So, yeah, I didn’t enjoy the manga very much. Sorry!

Graphically, at least, it was OK. No hardcore detailed drawings (white-death-censored, art trying to avoid having to be show censored areas), but good enough :3 Credits are for Lazarus LP and CovertOpBoobs, from LazarusH, commissioned by, thank you ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Uchiki Na Kanojo Wa Basilisk.

I feel like an ingrateful bitch for writing a negative review like that, but that’s how I lived it, disappointed, unimpressed, hardly “feeling” things :-/ And that upset me, that a whole volume’s worth of hentai was wasted on me because of bad writing, what a pity, what a waste, so many feels that weren’t felt, so much enjoyment that didn’t happen!! :-/

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This story was literally a circular loop with no resolution. Also, btw the blog is not updating the posts properly. i have to click home in order to see the newest posts

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hmm, what do yo mean, Basta, that you have to click "home" to see the newest posts ? O_o

I mean, isn't that the normal thing to do anyway ?


Happens to me when I type "" instead of "".

Oliver AKA The Admin

Aaaaaaaaargh! I thought that problem was gone !

I noticed it a few months ago, and to hell if I can understand how or why this is happening :(

I'll try something with my htaccess later on, to see…

Now, back to the topic, If you don't mind CCMun I'll use your help again :D

Am I understanding things correctly like that ?
– you type "" in your browser
– it loads " " instead of " "
– and the latest posts aren't showing

This is it ?

I need to see if I can reproduce the problem myself….


tested this myself. it's showing a post from 3 days ago

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hmm, I see…

And now, please, can you test again, and tell me if the problem is the same ?

I changed something, which may – hopefully – artificially force "www" everywhere…

Billy Mays
Billy Mays

Works fine on Chrome, not had any issue like Chris is mentioning.

Oliver AKA The Admin

I sometimes have this, and I failed to find where it's coming from, why it's ending or doing it again, so it's an issue I must consider while I'm "lucky" to have a tester on hand.

Supposedly, when you type the URL without www, it's automatically added.
But sometimes, it's not.
And then these are old posts that are shown.

I updated the site's htaccess to now forcefully add www at all costs, but this is an unrefined method, like using a flamethrower to get rid of a mosquito. Not the ideal method, it'd still be best to find why it's happening, haha ^^
And I have yet to know, from Chris, if the problem is fixed like that…


Meh … Sometimes great artwork cannot compensate for a storyline that is (IMO) an epic fail. :(


Yeah, I admit it, we didn't read this one all the way through… LESSON LEARNED! WE WILL BE SURE TO READ THINGS THROUGH FROM NOW ON, LOL!

At least it's over!

Oliver AKA The Admin

Peace, it was still a nice piece of hentai ^^

I hope I didn't offend you guys, but I believe you can take honest criticism, rather than automatical insincere praise… How to say, when I'm praising you, and I almost always do, I'm sincere :)


Another lovely new artist :D

Thanks Oliver-san!!!


Meh, clothed and censored sex.