Tonaeri No Kaede-chan [English], by Umezawa Takeki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

Even the less confident man must yield in to teen sex advances :D

An adult man lacking social skills and not at ease around women is in friendly relations with his neightbours, so it’s natural for him to provide housing to their daughter when she’s lost her keys while they’re away. Sure. It’s not like the girl could have plotted everything and was determined to seduce him at last :lol:
Oh well, we have good sex, mutual love (although sudden, who knows, it may be sincere!), and we enjoy the teasing the girl attempts, she herself lacks experience and is newbish at this, but her innocence was cute in itself =)

The censorship is low (thin and rare white rectangles), the art was a bit unusual, it was good :) For this release, my great thanks go to Al1r3os, MPL, Cadenza, Crystalium and Palaxius, from Team Koinaka :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Their Night Together.

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9 years ago

Protagonist had no chance (save perhaps death) of escaping from an assertive girl in love.

9 years ago

WOW!!! Never tell a hot little thing that she's like your daughter!!! That will just piss her off and get her motor running even more. Then she'll kick it into high gear and you won't have a chance in hell of getting away. Then you fuck her brains out and cum inside her which pretty much seals the deal. Now you're stuck with a little teenage hottie with great boobs and a nice tight pussy. YAY!!! What a life baby:p

Dream Shark
Dream Shark
9 years ago

Awesome hentai! B)

7 years ago