A new Napata tank is soon available on Fakku, who’s interested ? :)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments
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I thought you may like to know, Napata’s going to have a tank on sale @ Fakku, the title’s Love Ridden

Pure vanilla, happy sex, with petite girls having adorable faces and sweet, cute natural bodies, is to be expected, without surprises, you already saw most of these already, but this time you can officially own it, and support a bit the mangaka, Napata :)

You can order Love-Ridden HERE, on Fakku! :)

First, the manga will be available chapter by chapter, then as a whole digital version, and in the end, in paper volume. If only overseas costs weren’t so high, I wouldn’t just stick to the digital copy. – Nah, now that I have to hide my hentai mangas at home, because I have growing kids, it may be best to just stick to the digital versions, maybe ^^;;

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8 years ago

Thx for the post Oliver , I'll definitely purchase it, Next Month. unfortunately my budget is a bit tight at the moment.

8 years ago

pretty sure this is just the old tank from before lovely lovers love or whatever it was called, none of the chapters looked new atleast

Oliver AKA The Admin
8 years ago
Reply to  hawk

I think none are, although some of them leave me in doubt. If I were less of a lazy ass, I would check, lol ^^;;

8 years ago

Interesting, will check this out ^^