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Cow Cow Sister [English], by Tonnosuke

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If I had a sister like that, I'd bang her on sight, on every occasion. I'm so lucky I was born an only son, lol

Is that a form of extreme tsundere ? Violent, angry and kinda hypocritical in public, and a willing sexual pet in private ? O_o
Doesn’t matter. That sister is just SO aroused, and arousing, it’s time to punish her for being (a) a sexual bomb, (b) repeatedly stealing her brother’s ice creams, (c) begging her brother to treat her like a sexual pet :twisted: :lol:
The sex is very intense, the sister is a living lust machine, I’d say this is a rewarding share =)

Credits are for Jungy, Nandeyanen, JBK and Palaxius, from Team Koinaka, thank you!

By Tonnosuke, I also share The Lady Next Door parts 1-4 (chapters 1-2 and 9-10 of the “Aibenki Tonari No Dosukebe Onee-san” tank), Osanajimi To Diet, Yes! AbNo!rmal, Dekiru Onna No Nayami chapter 2, Katase Kachou wa Mazo doRei (“Chief Katase, the Masochistic Slave”) and The Chief Is Still A Masochistic Slave.

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Smaller version incoming!
As of usual when ☑ the images are in high enough resolution and ☑ the archive is quite big for its number of pictures, and ☑ it offers a significant gain, and ☑ I have enough time to do it, if it may help, I’m offering you a smaller version, in which I resized the images, here from 2200 px to standard 1600 px resolution.
The zip shrank from 34 MB to 13 MB.
Personally, I prefer it for reading, it takes less disk space, and it’s the version I used for the preview pics.
Download links, Zip : Mirror #1 – or – Mirror #2 – or – Mirror #3

I also made a bonus, for this share, because the father’s face, in the bottom of the page 20, INCREDIBLY reminded me of the father in 10 Things To Do While I’m Still A Boy.
If you haven’t read it, I beg you, DO read it, this is a crazy and really funny story =)
Anyway, there you go.
If you don’t see the point of the image, then, bad you, you haven’t read yet 10 Things To Do While I’m Still A Boy ;)

(click here to embiggen)

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She was amazing!! xD thanks for small version Oliver:)

The second chapter is also good ^^

Oliver AKA The Admin

You're welcome Lukasz :)

A second chapter ? Where ? Where ? :D


The second chapter is not translated. I saw only raw.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Ah, all right.

Too bad, I was really hoping to read it already ^_^

If I may ask, what is going on inside, apparently, even without reading the dialogues ? The same deal, comedy and stuff ?


Hmm no comedy. Blindfold, exhibitionism and threesome.


Team Koinaka. But remove from your own site. I do not know why.


Actually, according to my sources, this was done my someone called Jungy. Team Koinaka had nothing to do with it.


Team Koinaka:) Trans by Jungy, TL check by Nandeyanen, Cleaning by JBK, typesetting by Palaxius

Oliver AKA The Admin

Eh ?

Why a version without the credit picture, if posted by one of the team members ? O_o

Thanks for the credits info, Lukasz !

(and now, to update my post)


Vanilla or Bondage?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Closer to vanilla. But not vanilla, they like each other, but not love, and it's not *moving*, not touching.


Uh, ….. I guess THIS is a suitable comment from me:


If you take her outside make sure you take a pooper scooper:p

Oliver AKA The Admin

I hardly dare ask, what is a pooper scooper ?

<img src=&quotcomment image" />


Its a device used to scoop up poop when your dog has done its business. It's used a lot when people take their dog for a walk down the street or in a park. It has a handle with a scoop on the end of it so you can scoop up the poop and then dump the poop in the trash. I guess you could put a plastic bag on your hand and pick up the poop that way to. That way your not leaving the poop on the sidewalk, in the park or on someone's lawn. :D

Team Koinaka

To clarify things, we dropped this story from our label when we found out that the direct sequel to it was not vanilla. So yeah, we do not consider this one of our releases, and would prefer not to be credited for it.