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Hajirai Shoujo [English], by Spiritus Tarou

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Not a fetish of mine, fucking a girl with the hands tied, but I reckon that girl enjoyed the ride :)

Even for a hentai share, things escaladed fast :D A higschooler, who noticed a female classmate is awkwardly stalking him, invites her to discuss things on the school’s rooftop. She arrives, fully ready to get superfucked even though he didn’t think of it. But – hentai oblige – he was quick to adapt =)

The drawings are nice (featuring blindfold sex and shibari – hands tied -, on the girl’s demand), and the story has a certain originality that makes it feel fresh. However I must give you a strong negative warning: the censorship is horrible, this damned blur-mosaics from hell killed most of the arousal I could have had. I can’t tell how it will fare for you, just don’t jump too fast on your high horses, okay ? :)

Thanks to NecroManCr for this release :)
By the same artist, I also share Kanchigai

… Oh damn, I can’t resist. Cannot unsee point : look at the girl’s ears, all along. I nearly died laughing from the twitter follow-up ^^

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I like the term -hentai oblige-.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Being French ("Nobless oblige") has its perks ;)


Ear fucking 101? Class is in session. For a creepy stalker she had really nice boobs:p

Oliver AKA The Admin

Some people learn it young. I was in first college year when a cute as pie black American girl, who had come to study for a year in France, had an "accident" in the metro, as a drunkard took out his dick and proceeded to prod her ear with it while she was sitting.
Even today, I feel both horrified and thrown into hilarity at the thought of these events ^^;;


WOW!!! That's one of those stories you hear about and then you wonder if it really happened or not. Man, that poor girl. I hope someone got the guy out of there and made sure she was OK. I can't even imagine how scared she must have been. Hopefully he wasn't able to finish the ear job. I'm like you. I feel really bad for the girl but yet it has its entertaining side as well.

Oliver AKA The Admin

If that can reassure you, that wasn't sexual intercourse, more like dick-poking twice, and then that was over with a shriek of the girl and the drunkard getting off the metro.

Thinking back, I wonder if she was really cool with it, she behaved, in the following weeks, when we were speaking about it, as if she had only been shocked, surprised and disgusted. But, years later, I now wonder if it didn't leave a stronger mark :-/

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Good hentai share! :D


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