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You Wa Nanishini Nippon [English], chapter 1, by Yurikawa

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Sexy. Tanned. Otaku. Proactive. Women like that must exist in the real world, right ? RIGHT ?

Should I say it ? The boy in this share looks hot, a good haircut, nice glasses, and thick enough eyebrows. Girls (I know some of you are around, you’re a minority, but a well-loved minority!), check out this boy, like his cumming face on page 20 :D
Ahem. Cough. My bad. Nohomo.
As for this share, well, a boy’s house greets a new member, a female childhood friend, now all grown-up, and she’s also a hentai lover, which facilitates bonding, skinship and whatever else makes male teenagers buy hentai magazines ;)

There was a pleasant “natural” feel to this story, with a worthy focus on building up a setup. Graphically, who doesn’t love tall tanned girls with a daring confident attitude ? Some won’t: I pity you ^^
Thanks to whoever is behind this release, I’m grateful! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Houkago Strawberry Dildo (212 pages, GOOD !), Older Boyfriend, a pack of 4 works, It’s My First Time But He Still Took The Bait and That White Sticky Stuff.

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Politely insisting on the following tags (no specific order): Lucky Bastard * Masterpiece * D'AWWW xD

BTW, to Yousuke: "Marry Her, You <bleep> Lucky Bastard – Marry Her Right <bleepin'> NOW!!!!!" :*

Oliver AKA The Admin

Politely declining, with explanations because otherwise the politeness would only be a facade :

– lucky bastard : actually, I believe only a fraction of the readers would understand the meaning of this tag, and then, even then, the tag would be irrelevant.
Irrelevant, because, see, wouldn't anyone having surprise sex with a hot chick falilng from heaven, as in 95% of hentai mangas, be a lucky bastard anyway ? Won't all my shares deserve the same tag, then ? Same reason why I don't add the tag "english-translated".

– masterpiece : come on, the story is too short to build emotional attachment and to have a worthy storyline, that can't be a *masterpiece* just like that, this would be too easy

– dawww : don't know for you, but I wasn't gaping in amazement, nor sincerely touched and heart-warmed


I still like D'AWWW!!! Man, that girl had a body on her that that was so HOT it was on fire:p


Nice find Oliver!


SNAP! I was too late in recommending this to you, Oliver. Oh well…

Also, on page 9, bottom panel, what is happening? Why does the guy want to stop her from ging inside that building with the other girl?

Oliver AKA The Admin

Hehe ^^

I'm not sure, about what's happening about the bottom of page 9. I imagine it must be something cultural a Japanese would understand, maybe some kind of cafe forbidden to men, or dedicated to something not recommended to the girl ?


Loved this. Hit all the right spots for me. I love tanned girls and the sweet tender storyline reminded me of real moments from my life.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Then there's reason for me to be glad you have memories like that, cherish them =)


Gushing over the boy in a share? Hey, I like a little yaoi every now and then, too. By every now and then, I mean about half of my non-hentai reading. No judgement here. (Hmm, the header doesn't say anything about no yaoi… posting yaoi anytime soon?)

The boy here didn't really do it for me, in that way. The girl looked pretty nice. Quite fuckable.

Thanks for the share! I enjoyed it.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Check my Royal Koyanagi shares, for the yaoi :D

Otherwise, nope, not interested.

I can appreciate the beauty of a man's well-shaped body (I once was in a volleyball club in Paris, and in the changing room, I felt like I was Bacchus surrounded a dozen clones of Apollo, that was deranging, lol), I also appreciate when a man has well defined traits and beautiful eyebrows, but that ends here. Purely aesthetical, no bridge to the libido ;)

In a way that's even better, I can earnestly appreciate what I see without feeling weird and guilty :D :D :D


I like that. Honest, no shame or excuses, an enlightened mindset.

I'm bisexual. A futanari fan, really no surprise that I'd be bi. My tastes lean strongly towards females, and feminine men with a few strong features.

My attitude lately on the matter is basically – if it gets your cock hard, go ahead and stroke.