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Mama Soap [English], by Haru Wamusato

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What should we call it ? ThreeMilfCest ? Nope: MILFFEST! NOW that sounds better :D

I will quote Dynellen’s own words to describe this hentai manga : « horny mother and her friend teaming up to get rid of her son’s virginity before he becomes a terrorist » :D
Honestly, I don’t see how I could describe it better, lol ^^

I’m not hot for mother incest, but the mother teamed up with her equally hot and horny female neighbour, this is deliciously carefree, and this is comedy gold, so, YAY for MILF soap ! ^_____^
Thanks a lot, a whole lot, to Dynellen (the commissioner, bakunyu specialist, with quality tastes!), Maipantsu and Super Shanko! :)

For MORE, cf. The updated list of Haru Wamusato’s works ! :D
Among those works, there is Conveni-N, that I regard as comedy GOLD, check it out if it’s new to you !

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Just IMHO, deducting (at least) half a star for "mother-son incest".

Otherwise ….. it was MAGNIFICENT!


Dude its so wrong that its right!!!o.0


I don't give a flying fig that it's mother-son incest right now, she looks like she's more a ditzy girlfriend. It was fully awesome. Gotta love Haru Wamusato.

Oliver AKA The Admin

Yeah, right ?

Haru Wamusato is so good that, suddenly, mother incest stops being a horror :D


If our moms all look like these, the world would be over early due to excessive inbreeding. :D

Still, good to see Haru Wamusato still alive & kicking! That blonde mom is simply HNGGG


Actually, unfortunately it's from 2 years ago. June 2013's Comic Anthurium.


For better or worse, It's probably for the best in most cases that our moms either don't or no longer look like and/or act like Chiemi and Yuki.

Otherwise, ….. wait for it, ….. UNGAH!!!!!


Nice share! anyway Oliver i shall provide my sweetness soonish! as soon that i have time that is:P

General Hentai
General Hentai

So over the top that the incest didn't matter, since we're dealing with such an amazing airhead of epic proportions, as can be seen form some dialogue:

Neighbor: "Incest isn't the best idea, so I'll gladly…"
Mom: "Here I go!"

Neighber: @[email protected]

Neighbor:"…must be a safe day."
Mom: "Not at all, WORST DAY, actually!"


No ick factor here, since this just can't be taken seriously on any level whatsoever.

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Milfest, thanks! ^^