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Suki Ni Naru Koto [English], by Moketa

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In hentai world, facebook provides hot girlfriend.

Hentai recipe for happiness: (a) leave behind a shy reserved plain uninterested meganekko. (b) find her two years later on facebook, offer to meet to hang around, and talk about old times, (c) meet a hot babe who confesses she is still in love with you and wants to do things together
Common sense isn’t part of the recipe, this is no accident :D

The story, although cliché, is “efficient”, it’s simple and pleasant. As for the art, RHA FUCK YEAH, I even forgave the censorship. The girl is cute, furiously blushing, she has big breasts with a unique (and not unnatural, only rare) shape, a ravishing face… that felt good, her face, while giving paizuri, HNNNNG! :twisted:

Thanks to NecroManCr for this release, I’m grateful :)
By the same artist, I also share Kore Kara kanojo Wa Suki Dakare, O Atsui Hibi (“Sultry Days”), Nee-san No Attaka Senjutsu, Minimum Student Council President, Onatsuma and Scramble Girls 1-3.

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She was cute before then. She became hot ^^ thanks


Damm Right! B)


What do you mean by "rare shape"?

Oliver AKA The Admin
Oliver AKA The Admin

I was trying to demonstrate my English was still poor even after all these years talking to people on the internet.



The size and shape of these breasts is rather rare, they're "lumpy", not round like fake tits, allright, but with a lot of mass on the bottom and poor muscle support above them… These are not pear-shaped breasts, I don't know how to call them. But there are breasts like that for real too, after all.


I rather liked the character design myself. It was kind of refreshing to see something somewhat realistic for a girl/woman with a larger than average chest for a change.


I agree 100%. WOW!!! Those boobs were just bouncing like two puppies under a blanket. And page #17 was the best:p

Dream Shark
Dream Shark

Very good hentai! :)