Houkago Drops (“After School Drops”) [English], by Bubuzuke

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

I saved this picture as "horrible-frustration.jpg" because we're offered both the best (perfect pussy) and the worst (abominable censorship). It hurts, doesn't it ? :D

Aaaaargh ^^ This share, although short (20 pages), is packed with things I love: happy sex, tsundere, very beautiful lewd female eyes, nice hair, pleasant enough dialogues, beautiful lips, good drawings of the female body… and then, there is the darkened blur mosaics censorship of the male penis. How is it possible for human workers in the hentai industry to decide to apply this amount of censorship on poor defenceless drawings, for Pete’s sake ?!?

Ah, sigh, see for yourselves. I still share and heartily recommend you that story, but the censorship is breaking my fragile maidenly heart *_*
Credits are for Nandeyanen, Nouz and Patamon, from Flatopia, thank you!

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8 years ago

I give Oliver an A+ for sharing this one. It was cute, funny and HOT!!!:p